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Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile application development is necessary to make your business more accessible. The native apps are preferable for every business to achieve to become successful. Not all the development of mobile apps are the same, and there is some difference to the native app development. However, native mobile app development is one of the best ways to nourish your business with a wide range of presentations to the mobile app development market. If you are planning to do native mobile app development for your company, it is essential to know the entire working process of native app development. Every mobile app development or software development-related work comes with a good range of strategies and particular some working processes. It is also the same for native mobile apps, where you need to keep a clear idea regarding the working process. Native mobile apps are necessary for specific types of works, where these sorts of apps are developed for specific platforms. The Native apps are well-built using several platforms like iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. The development process of the native app follows specific guidelines for each of the platforms, where the app becomes accessible to access all the features and services offered by the device and its operating system. While developing native apps requires a convenient range of focus and effort. These sorts of apps also provide an unparalleled user experience among all mobile apps regarding their outstanding performances. Our professional software engineers are enthusiasts, and we can provide you with the best native mobile app development to meet your specific business needs. 

The Native Mobile App Development Services

We can provide you with the best mobile app development service to build your product with your desired platforms. The working process will start with your choice regarding the target audience and boost revenues.


However, we can provide you with the following services below.


  • iOS Native App Development

  • Android Native App Development


iOS Native App Development

The iOS app development is done for the Apple operating systems to work comfortably. iOS or Apple operating system is one of the most popular nowadays, where the popularity of iPhone mobile is getting higher every day. The iPhone mobile and Apple devices use the iOS operating systems, and these types of devices are famous because of their strong brand, high performance, intuitive UI, and improved security. Our iOS software engineers work conveniently to do high-quality iOS native app development. We will use the best-implanted strategies with best-in-class iOS features regarding the beacon technology, 3D Touch, multitasking, and other essential qualities for your iOS native app. Our software engineers are professional, and we will take advantage of the latest iOS versions to build an innovative product for you. 

The iOS App Development Process

iOS is a well-known brand. Also, the iOS operating system is recognizable for its brand user-friendly UI, elegant design, and high performance. Apple devices are also preferable as the number one device for business use, and they also offer great opportunities for several usages and entertainment. However, we will guide you through the way we develop an iOS app for your business to turn the best app idea into reality.


The development process of an iOS app requires the following factors below.


  • UX & UI Development

  • Graphic Design

  • iOS Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Publish to the App Store


UX and UI Development

The first development stage of iOS app development is UX and UI. It is preferable to ensure the well-rounded design of the user experience for your future app. We will do a convenient range of research on your target audience, where we will also create a description of your potential user persona established on its results. The description of your iOS app will help to identify the attractive solutions conveniently. With the help of our professionals, we will also ensure the high demand for your future app on the market.

Graphic Design

The Graphical Design section is an essential part of iOS app development. While creating an iOS app design, we will adhere to iOS Human Interface Guidelines. We will do our best creation with the user experience to enhance the UI of your app by implanting technologies like 3D Touch by Apple and many more. All of these strategies will come up to a new level of interaction with your app’s interface to work or operate comfortably. 

iOS Development

Our highly skilled and experienced iOS software engineers will work conveniently to create the best product by turning your ideas into reality. Our iOS software engineers will implant the best strategies of visual details with the technical functionality of your future iOS app. We will provide you not only the app but also a comprehensive back-end system, as well as the entire system will empower your business efficiently.


Quality Assurance

QA or Quality Assurance is mandatory for your developed iOS app. It is the stage where we will ensure that the app is completely bug-free and ready to launch into the market for the users. Our quality assurance team will test every element of the app thoroughly on a wide range of devices, which will include the newest versions of the iPhone and iPad. Additionally, we will also collect a large amount of feedback from different people regarding the overall experience they have while using the app and how many problems they faced when using the app.


Publish to the App Store

After the completion of your app development with all the facilities, we will upload your app to the app store. It is necessary to release your iOS app to the app store, where we will make sure that your app will be approved by the store within the minimum possible terms. Before publishing your app, we will check for all the possible bugs and performance problems to fix smoothly. For making the app more responsive, we will analyze feedback from multiple testers to ensure excellent UX. It is also essential to optimize the app description and information as per the Apple store privacy and policy. After finalizing all the essential metrics, we will upload your app to the Apple app store.


The Beneficial Sides of iOS App Development

There are several kinds of benefits of developing an iOS app for your business or service. Because of the popularity of the iOS operating system, your business will be higher to become successful with possible outcomes. Here, we are going to provide the beneficial sides of iOS app development below.


  • Generate Profit

  • Spread to the Market Faster

  • Better User Engagement

  • Update Faster

  • Requires Less Time for Testing

  • Better App Performance


Generate Profit: You can comfortably generate profits using your iOS app with its possible outcomes. After launching the app to the store, it will let get to the users fastly. Also, the app will provide innovative performance with more purchasing power and faster ROI


Spread to the Market Faster: After launching an app to the iOS app store, where they comfortably spread to the market. Because of the popularity of the iOS operating system, they go to the market faster and enhance audiences conveniently. Also, iOS app development requires less time and money compared with all the other mobile apps development. They are also available with a single manufacturer, where you do not need to deal with different versions of one single device.


Better User Engagement: You will also get better user engagement with iOS apps because of their popularity. Additionally, Apple has the best retention rates because of its strong customer satisfaction and high engagement.


Update Faster: The Apple app store has a convenient upgrading system, where it becomes accessible to release updates for your iOS application.


Requires Less Time for Testing: After the development process of an iOS app, it requires less timing to test the app to make the app bug-free. Also, the Apple operating system has precise device standards, where they appear with a limited number of models, and that helps to do the test quickly. Due to the limited models, the testing phase gets simpler and quick compared with other platforms.


Better App Performance: You will also get a better performance using iOS apps. The iOS apps are available with low fragmentation, where the app performance is much better.


Android Native App Development

The native android app development is a convenient process to build a project successfully. However, the android platform is a well-known and open-source platform to use. This platform is popular worldwide, and almost all people love to use an Android operating system because of its accessible features and programs. However, the android operating system offers enough options to develop robust and flexible applications for businesses and organizations. If you want to build a highly customized application then, android is a convenient platform that outshines hundreds of equivalent and faceless ones on the Google Play Store. Our professional android software engineers are highly skilled, and they can help you unleash the full potential of your app. Our professional android app developers can develop the best mobile app using the android platform using the unique features to beat the competition with Android native app development. Additionally, we can provide you with the best android app development to turn your ideas into reality to make your business successful.

The Android App Development Process

Android is a popular platform for developing apps worldwide. We have extensive experience in Android application development with our professional android software engineers. We can provide you with the best android app development service with any complexity and scale from educational platforms to apps for businesses, including the rideshare apps like Ubar, gaming apps, car controlling tools, and so on. As an android app development company, we will provide you with the best service by ensuring the multichannel approaches from your initial concept to the final release. We will also assist you in upgrading your app to fit your business domain and budget requirements efficiently.


The development process of an android app also requires the following factors below.


  • UX & UI Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Android Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Publish to the App Store


UX & UI Development

UX and UI development are necessary for every android app to make the app responsive. We will start the development process of your android app with user experience and user interface. The user experience will be an excellent reason that your app will be in great demand on the market. Also, we will work carefully to make the best creation of the android app for your business, where it is necessary to create user personas to ensure the highest quality UX. We will examine the entire working process very closely with the most detailed scenarios of the project. This strategy will help to explain how your potential user will behave while interacting with the app’s interface. By following this working process, we will ensure the satisfaction of all the possible users as per their needs effectively.


Graphic Design

Graphical Design is also essential for the android app development process. We will do the best graphic design for the android application to attract potential audiences conveniently. The impressive design will be preferable for all the users taking into account standard UI patterns of the Android platform, which ensures the smooth experience of this app. Due to the wide variety of android applications, we will also ensure that your app functions smoothly on several devices with different dimensions and screen resolutions. The designing section of an android app is also essential to make the app responsive and convenient to the end-users.


Android Development

Our highly skilled android software engineers are enthusiasts to work with every project conveniently. We will be implanting all of the designed features into the code to create the best app with an excellent visual appearance. The user interface needs to be more productive to make your business successful comfortably. Additionally, the development code of the android app will be compounded to the visual appearance to create the best interface. This process will be beneficial to enhance products or services to empower the business conveniently.

Quality Assurance

The Quality assurance of an android app is essential to make the app fully developed. It is also essential to ensure QA before releasing the app to the market. The testing stage plays a vital role, which ensures the quality assurance of an android app. Our expert and highly skilled team members do an extensive analysis carefully look for the smallest bugs that slinked into the code. It is necessary to check the usability of the app through testing on several popular android app devices. After completing the testing stage, it will ensure that your app is error-free and provides the best user experience ever. Quality assurance is essential for making your android app more responsive and user-friendly.


Publish to the App Store

After all the app development-related activities, it is time to publish your app to the app store. When your app is completely ready with all its development stages, we will publish your app to the Google Play Store by following all its guidelines and policies. The releasing process of an app to the store will involve all the necessary marketing services, where this process will ensure quick engagement to receive thousands of initial downloads. Additionally, you will publish your app to the play store by following all the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store, and it will help to approve your android app earlier.

The Beneficial Sides of Android App Development

The development process of an android app comes with several beneficial sides. Because of the user-friendly operating concept, android platforms are getting popular day by day. Using native android apps for our business is excellent that helps to expand your business smoothly. However, android apps development is essential for every business, which helps to attract more potential audiences comfortably. Here, we are going to describe some of the beneficial sides of the android app development process.


  • Able to get the Widest Audience

  • Variety of App Stores

  • Short Approval Time

  • Best Marketing Opportunities


The Widest Audience: You will be able to achieve a wide range of potential customers with your android app. Android is one of the most popular platforms to develop apps, where most of the audience uses android devices as per their compatibility. Additionally, more than 80% of the market share is covered by android in the global market share for smartphones, where approximately 1.4 billion users are using android devices. That is the reason you have the best opportunities to get a wide range of audiences with the android app development for your business.


Variety of Apps Stores: Android mobile apps are preferable for Google Play Store. But Android also allows you to download apps from alternative stores, where the apps are supported from third-party stores. This thing provides a wide range of choices to choose from as per the users' desire, where it offers new ways for marketing and improvements. This thing also becomes discoverable of android apps created by software engineers.


Short Approval Time: After publishing the android apps to the PlayStore, the apps get approved within a short period. After the approval from Google Play, you will be able to download the app from the Google play store and get your app on the market faster within one business day. Additionally, the review session of Google play takes 1-day or 2-business days to get the app approved.


Best Marketing Opportunities: You can get the best marketing opportunities by developing android apps for your business. Due to the popularity of the android platform, the marketing processes get easier to do conveniently. Additionally, Google also provides useful tips for several marketing plans and strategies. They also offer several promotional tools, which help to make your app convenient to find the right audience and bring results comfortably.


The Advantages of Native Apps Development

Mobile app development is beneficial for every business and service to make the entire working process accessible with a software system. However, the native mobile apps development is convenient for every service that comes with a professional touch to an organization or company. Nonetheless, native mobile apps development is an excellent way to establish your business. There are several advantages of native mobile app development, and the following factors are below.


  • Excellent Performance

  • Best User Experience

  • Better Security

  • Fast New Features Integration


Excellent Performance

You can get excellent performances with native mobile app development. The native mobile apps are much faster, where they respond directly to interact with the users. The APIs of these sorts of apps are convenient with all the other essential components, where you will get the full support for multithreading and hardware accelerations.


Better User Experience

Because of the impressive design of the native mobile apps, you can get the best user experience ever. It is also necessary to focus the UI elements of your native apps on the design sections that come with the usual look. Also, these things need to be located following the guidelines for the specific platform to make navigation smoother for users.


Better Security

You can get the best security by using native apps for the specific platforms for your business and organization. The web apps rely on different browsers, where they are also underlying different technologies operating smoothly. But the safety and security of native apps are guaranteed within the approval of the app after releasing it to the selected app store.


Fast New Features Integration

You can enjoy several new features with mobile apps. Also, the new software and features are provided by the device manufacturers, where the operating systems are available for implementation in native apps. After the initial release of the native app, all these things can be integrated easily.

Ultimately, we, “REXO IT,” can provide you with the best native mobile app development service ever with all your desired requirements. Our professional software engineers are highly expert, and we can provide you with the best native mobile app development with your selected platform.  We can transform your ideas into well-built native mobile apps to achieve your business success conveniently.

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