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Over the years, the number of users of smartphones and mobile apps is increasing day by day. Therefore, mobile app development becomes mandatory to do, including one of the most promising and profitable work in the app development industries. Most of the mobile app development companies in the world work efficiently to solve all sorts of app-related problems. There are enormous apps available on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, which solve different types of problems and meet the many other customer demands. Most of the app developers upload and update their apps regularly by fulfilling the user's and the market requirements. However, different sorts of apps are available in the app store. Also, there are so many reasons that people love to use iOS apps so much. As a result, the Apple Store has over 1.5 million applications providing services to their customers. The submission process of an app into the app store is rigorous, and it also ensures users get high-quality mobile products to use. The notable thing is Apple made this clear that they are providing user privacy as a top concern for the company. That is the reason the app developers need to work hard throughout the iOS app development process. Additionally, they need to focus on delivering a quality product, which is a cut above in one way or another.

App Development Process Flow

Mobile Apps development is essential to build any sort of business online and for other works. Developing an app does not mean merely creating a mobile app and submitting it to a digital store. The process of app development required proper planning, research, analysis, skills, and above all. To get a clear focus to complete the entire work nicely. The entire process ensures the success of the final product. Also, the mobile app development company has to follow the guidelines with several steps in mobile app development.

There are different sorts of phrases to follow to develop an app, and five main phases are essential in an app development cycle.


  • Planning 

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • App Launch & Maintenance


These are the particular phases that are required to develop apps. No matter what types of apps you are going to build, all of these phases need to be followed to develop a convenient app.


The Planning Phase is essential before launching an app to get a clear focus on the app. This phase helps to find out the challenges mobile apps will solve, including the app features to set. Also, you need to know the targeted audience of the app and other functionalities. It is also essential to do comprehensive market research to ensure the quality of an app, whether it would be competitive in its market or market niche. The planning phase is essential in the case of app development, which includes arranging all the requirements and requirements in the subsequent phases of the mobile app development process.


Designing Phase is the second one, which involves a lot of team support to improve the user interface and user experience. The designing of an app is essential to assure the looks, feel, and navigation. It is an important step in android apps development, which allows the users to integrate custom graphics, symbols, or icons.


The Testing Phase is the third part of app development when it is finished. It is the segment of checking each part of the app appropriately to ensure all the functions seamlessly and has no bugs. App testing is professionally done by the QA engineers to make sure the quality of apps and all of the available features are working smoothly.


App Launch and Maintenance is the final part of the development process. After the final review from the client, the app can be launched and ready to release in the market. It is the end of the process of on-demand app development, which requires continued maintenance and updates if required. The developed apps should be updated based on market trends and by addressing the quick changes in customer demands. This launching and maintenance phase completely marks the beginning of another development cycle.

IOS App Development Process

The iOS app development cost and process also follow the usual pattern of app development, as explained above. Developing iOS applications for Apple devices starts with proper planning, followed by design, app development process, testing, releasing, and maintenance. Doing the development of iOS apps is tricky as the developers have to take care of several sorts of app development rules set up by Apple to ensure a user-friendly, private, and secure user experience. While starting the working process, the app developers need to fulfill the required elements to ensure the best practices of creating a successful final product. For different businesses and organizations having a presence on Apple's App Store is preferable to gain a lot of targeted customers. However, Apple is a reputed company for creating higher quality upscale and lifestyle products. Also, having an online presence in the Apple app store has become a multi-million dollar industry. It also helps to accelerate the business economy with the result of having an app featured in the App Store. Here you will find a detailed explanation of the iOS app development service, including the development processes.


The Initial steps for creating or building iOS apps are;

  • Research and Analysis

  • App Design

  • Required iOS App Development Steps

  • Testing and Publishing

  • Maintenance and Support


These are the processes of doing iOS app development. To do the development, the iOS developers need to work spontaneously with all the required elements and best practices to have a successful final product as per the requirement.

The Technologies We Use

If you are looking for professional iOS developers to develop convenient applications for smart iOS devices or Apple wearables, REXO IT can provide you with the best development service ever. Our experienced engineers and designers work professionally to build the latest Apple standards as per the requirements with updating iOS features. 

We are professionals at developing different sorts of apps and always follow the trends to keep up with novelties and high-end technology. We can assure you the best quality of work using reliable and efficient tools to build applications. Additionally, after the development of your product, we will guarantee consistency, data security, and excellent performance for your app.

Programming Languages



These are the tools and the best programming languages to do iOS app development. We use all these tools and technologies to build a high-quality app to satisfy our clients. Furthermore, we work professionally to create the success story of every business and organization.

Research and Analysis

Developing iOS apps requires a complete form of research and analysis to create a successful product. Millions of apps are available on the app store providing different sorts of services to their customers. Therefore, the market is extremely competitive due to the increasing number of different sorts of apps. To develop an innovative and compelling app the developers need to analyze the app users with its goals, including different objects deeply. Additionally, market research is essential to figure out the related information to your apps, including the features, functions, and clear explanation of your business. It will help the developers to make convenient strategies and be beneficial in developing successful iOS apps by adding exceptional features. The developers also need to work hard to develop several sorts of things to grab the targeted audience easily. In the process of building iOS apps, it is also required to comply with Apple’s strict guidelines. After submitting an app to the Apple app store, you need to follow all of their guidelines and rules to ensure the app's security and user experience. Apple stores only approved those sorts of applications that meet their requirements for design, security, user privacy, including other aspects and requirements. That is the reason all apps on iOS have a similar look, including uniqueness and well-made.


App Design

The design is significant before the process of developing an iOS app. It is essential to develop and deliver a flawless business app using the iOS platform. Before the development of an app, developers need to ensure that the iOS app they are going to develop with the proper optimization to offer easy navigation and control to users. However, the apps designing process also includes several steps, and these are;


  • Concept & Wireframing

  • UI & UX Design

  • Software Architecture


Concept & Wireframing

Concept and wireframing are the first steps to do before the designing of an app. It helps to make a clear concept as you need to document the overall thing as per the requirements for the design team. According to our professionals, develop wireframes are the blueprints or the digital sketches of a project showing how the app would look after completing the project. This design stage works as the foundation and helps the developers to figure out the other following designing processes with additional steps to creating an app.


UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design is the fundamental process of creating and designing apps, which determines the user interface and the user experience of an app. The UI & UX describe how the app will look after the creation. This stage helps to create an extensive design of an app that is preferable for both visually appealing and easy to navigate. Another essential thing to know is that while developing iOS apps, the UI and UX should comply with Apple’s guidelines.


Software Architecture

The software architecture is the last phase of app design. It is the influential part of designing alongside UI and UX design to the planning of software architecture. However, the software architecture is the essential stage in the iOS app development process, including the three components of the model view controller (MVC) paradigm, which includes the data, the user, and the software. This designing stage also measures different sectors to ensure the scalability and stability of the app. This software architecture is important to build an intuitive User Interface and engaging User Experience to generate outstanding design prototypes.


Required App Development Steps

To complete the iOS apps development requires different sorts of development steps to complete the project successfully. After completing the design and other requirements of an app, the development phase is the most critical part of the entire work. The development part of a mobile app is bringing the app concept into reality. At the stage of development different sorts of integral parts are included to complete the project. 


These are;


  • Back-end

  • APIs

  • Front-end


Back-End Development is the process of working with app functionality. The back-end development is core, which includes the entire server-side development. It also includes maintenance and functioning, user account authentication, and account management. While doing the development in this stage, It also comes with the push notification services to the third-party integration from different social sites and user experience customization.


APIs means the application programming interface that serves as a link between the front-end and the back-end of the mobile application. APIs are the core component of app development, which helps to make the working process lucid and convenient.


Front-End Development includes different sorts of design and coding. The front-end is the side of an app, which directly interacts with the user while using the app. While doing this development phase, involves coding various design elements, and these are the wireframes and mock-ups, caching, and database synchronization. The excellent thing about this development phase is that a well-developed front end is enough to enable a smooth user experience, including various screen sizes and orientations.


Things to Consider Throughout iOS App Development

Different app development platforms require different strategies to complete the development process nicely. It is essential to select the fitting technology stack, which is preferable for your mobile app. Another significant thing is a suitable programming language for your app.

Here are a few things that you need to decide before beginning the app development process. These are;


XCode is essential for developing native mobile apps, and that requires using XCode and Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE), which imports the app design. It is a beneficial tool for iOS app development that provides several useful features, such as editing source code, UI, and debugging, including exporting the apps to the app store. 


iOS Programming Languages; According to professional iOS developers, Objective-C and Swift are the best programming languages to develop a successful iOS app. However, Objective-C is a superset of the C language to develop apps, and that is being gradually replaced by Swift, the newest programming language of Apple. The swift language was launched, in 2014, and according to Apple, it runs two points six times faster than Objective-C. Additionally, this language is more concise, sustainable, and safer to use and supports the majority of modern hardware units.


Agile Development is preferable to owe the rapid changes in mobile platforms. It is always a convenient idea to finish the iOS application development process as early as possible. While creating or developing apps to reach their desired goal, the developers may choose an agile software development approach, which is the systematic process to achieve milestones that ensure the timely delivery of quality software.


Testing & Publishing

Testing and publishing is the final part of the technical Mobile app development phases. Testing or evaluating after the development of an iOS app is the essential measure by considering some of the difficulties in submitting and Apple’s approval of the app. It is the process of reviewing the app for optimized performance, seamless user experience, and debugging. While testing an app, the developers also review optimal memory usage, security, and thorough compliance, including all guidelines set up by Apple. After checking and reviewing the app properly, it can be submitted to the app store for subsequent review and approval. For the final approval of an iOS app, it may take from a few days to a couple of weeks to respond or approve your product.


Maintenance & Support

After the development and publishing process of an app to the iOS app store, maintenance is essential. You need to update the app regularly by ensuring the demands of your audience. Furthermore, after releasing the app to the iOS app store, you need to make sure that the development team can support regular maintenance as per iOS new updates. The routine maintenance and support from the app developers will help you in minimizing several issues that users might face while using the app. Because of the regular maintenance, the users will get an excellent user experience while using your business app.


Why is iOS App Development Important?

One of the most beneficial sides of iOS app development is high-end security and the best quality of service regarding the user experience. The iOS apps help to promote different sorts of organizations and businesses by increasing the brand value to enhance productivity with profitability services to reach your targeted audience. Developing iOS applications is essential for different Apple devices to use. Developing these sorts of apps is the best idea to improve your business into a functional iOS application, including the convenient design and seamless user experience. Also, building an iOS app requires high-end coding with the full-cycle iOS development process. You can also get various benefits after the development of iOS apps by ensuring a user-friendly, private, and secure user experience.

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