What is Mobile App Development

Mobile apps development is the process of developing software that can run to mobile devices comfortably. This set of processes also involves software development methods for smartphones and other hand-held mobile devices. However, it is projected that due to productivity and the increasing number of users, the estimated enterprise mobility worth will be $510.39 billion by 2022. Mobile apps help us in many ways with the advantage of the products with several unique features and hardware. Many enterprises and businesses benefit by developing mobile apps for their business. In this competitive age, mobile apps play a crucial role in the best projection growth of a company. A company or an organization can create its success stories with the involvement of a mobile application by expanding the business successfully.

To make a business successful, an online presence of mobile apps development is as essential as web development. A website shows the complete services, products with the full specifications of a business. But the mobile apps are written specifically to take advantage of the unique features of a particular mobile device. Mobile apps will help you in many ways, where all the enterprises and consumers will take advantage of the software with mobile devices.


Types of Mobile Apps

Several types of mobile apps are available in the market today. All of the mobile apps in the apps store depend on the two most prominent mobile platforms are iOS from Apple and Android from Google. The mobile apps are beneficial as per their features, programs, and the ability to provide different services. In the early stage of apps development, it is required to develop apps using cross-platform that can run on multiple operating systems. The code in the android app development could be reused from the initial development project. Essentially, each mobile device requires a specific mobile app development project with its codebase. Nowadays, cross-platform tools are excellent and use common languages such as C# and JavaScript. Also, these programming languages can share code across projects, and they integrate well with application lifecycle management tools like Jenkins. The best part of the modern Cross-platform it enables developers to use a single codebase for Apple iOS, including Google Android and progressive PWA web apps.

Here, we are going to describe several types of mobile app development technologies with their details. However, the types of mobile apps are;


  • Native Applications

  • Hybrid Apps

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • Encapsulated Apps

  • Frameworks and Libraries


These are the main types of mobile apps, and they are designed to use a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.


The Native Mobile Apps development preferable for both well-known platforms are iOS and Android. These types of apps are built-in using integrated development environments (IDE) and languages for mobile OSes, for instance, Apple iOS or Google Android. The Native applications also enable the users to customize necessary features comfortably. But these types of changes or customization can be more costly than other technologies.


Hybrid Apps are excellent for web apps, and they act like native apps. These types of apps are developed using several programming languages, for instance, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Compared with native apps, Hybrid apps are cost-effective to develop and come with a faster-creation process. But these types of apps do not include as feature-rich as native applications.


Progressive Web Apps are well-known as the PWA or web apps, and these apps look and behave as if it is the mobile app. The PWA apps are developed with the latest web technologies like Facebook React. The progressive web apps are developed to take advantage of native mobile device features. With the help of native app features, the PWA apps help the end-users without requiring to visit an app store or market to purchase locally and download software locally. Also, these sorts of applications’ content are downloaded progressively. It also provides the end-user with a better user experience compared with traditional websites that use responsive designs.


Encapsulated Apps are convenient to use. Encapsulation is preferable for cost-effective software development in general as well as object-oriented design in particular. However, this sort of app runs within a container app. The Microsoft Power App drag-and-drop app creation tool is a convenient product, and it helps software engineers to build a mobile application swiftly. But these types of apps can include the lack of isolation from the core OS, including the OS lock-in, and the relative uniqueness could pose problems.


With the help of Frameworks and Libraries, it is also possible to build mobile apps. You can show your coding techniques or use reuseable code written by other developers to accelerate your mobile app development process.


The Importance of Software Development Kits

Software development kits-SDKs are essential to get access to mobile app development. While developing software, it gives a simulated mobile ecosystem for programmers to design and test code efficiently. However, building a complete mobile app does not require full use of these kits. Software engineers can comfortably create the mobile games app by using Unity and then use the Android SDK, and it will ensure the app's deliverability on mobile devices. iOS Apps Development requires a paid iOS developer license, where the Android SDK is freely available for the users to build android apps. In the stage of mobile market share, iOS and Android has a neck-to-neck competition, which is 47% and 52%, respectively. Building Apple mobile app is somewhat more relaxed, and here, the developers do not need to worry about a wide range of devices from different manufacturers.


The Requirements of Mobile Apps Development

Due to technological advancement, the mobile app development process changes constantly. Every six months, a new version of an operating system appears with several unique features. The updated new features also can utilize the mobile app. To build a specific version of the operating system or a native operating system usually requires a solution, where software engineers try multiple solutions to find the one that comfortably suits their app development needs. The incompetence keeps up with development updates issues of a mobile app could cause catastrophic cybersecurity issues. After the development process of a mobile app, it is only worthwhile if it becomes an excellent app. Otherwise, a poor user experience of an app will drive customers away. Therefore, software engineers need to be mindful of the user experience and be realistic about the client’s budget.


Mobile App Development Process

The mobile app development process comes with an excellent range of work activities. Several types of steps are required to complete the development process of the mobile apps. Here, we are going to describe some of the simple steps, which will help you develop your app quickly and efficiently.


  • Idea

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Launch

  • Marketing


These are the crucial steps of the development of the app. No matter what type of app you want to develop, these steps are essential to follow to complete the process of app development.


The idea is the initial stage of a Mobile app development project. It comes through brainstorming with a good range of research and analysis. In this phase, the owner needs to figure out how the app could be beneficial to the users, including what types of problems it will solve. The app owner also needs to evaluate the main features of the app, the targeted audience, and the competitors in the market.


Design is the second step of the mobile app development process. It is essential to create an excellent design with the best user interface-UI. Also, make it accessible for the end-users to navigate the user through the app.


Development is the stage where the software engineers need to write code for the app. Also, develop the code and start preliminary testing.


Testing is the following process after the compilation of the mobile apps development. It is crucial to test an app after the development process, and that will determine the quality of an app to make it available to the end-users. Also, it will help to identify if there are any malfunctions for improvement.


The launching app is the stage when the app is completely ready for the end-users. After a complete development process of a mobile app, when the developers find it bug-free then, it is available to go for publishing in the marketplaces like Google Playstore and Apple app store.


The marketing strategy phase is also essential to connect the potential customers to the business. Here, you need to create market strategies to get users to download your app. Also, the user can give you their feedback on how to improve the app and user engagement.


Best Platforms for Mobile App Development

Different sorts of platforms are available in the market to develop mobile apps conveniently. For developing apps, you need to hire developers to create mobile apps successfully. Also, you can use low-code and no-code to build apps. Mobile app development with less coding or no-code has appeared over the past several years. Here, you will find some of the best platforms to build your app with less coding or no-code.

However, the platforms for mobile app development are;



These are the platforms that you can use for mobile app development. At REXO IT, our professional developers are also enthusiasts, and they can provide you with the best mobile app development service ever as per your desire.



Creating or building mobile apps is an ongoing process. The development process of the software will continue after the initial launch as per the user’s feedback and build additional functionality. We believe the information on mobile app development is enough to identify the required processes described above. If you are looking for mobile apps development service, we can provide you with the best service to build apps as per your desired features and programs. Also, our professional software engineers are committed to providing you with the best app development service with practical results. We hope you find this article well with all the information that defines the mobile app development process with several beneficial sides.

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