How to Develop Android Mobile Apps,

There are millions of apps on the Play Store that are downloaded every day by users. There are two types of people who develop these types of apps. Developer and businessman. Businessmen develop the app for their business for profit and developers develop the app for them. Both targets are to make money. So if you know how to develop mobile apps for Android, it will be easy for you to save time and money. There are many ways though but the mobile app development process is the easiest one. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step process and your App will be ready to serve.

In this article, you will get a guide on how to develop mobile apps for Android step by step to make them easier to understand.


How to Develop a Mobile App?

Mobile App Development service is not a cup of tea, you must go through a roadmap that will reach your goal. Some steps can lead you to make a mobile app for Android. They are given below:


  • Generate an app idea

  • Research market competitive

  • Make a list of features for your app

  • Create apps graphic design

  • Make a plan of marketing

  • Build the app

  • Submit the app to Store

  • Market the apps

  • Get user feedback and improve it


Generate an App Idea

The first step of mobile app development is generating an idea for an app. Ideas should always be creative and unique, it will make you a step forward than your competition as there are 4 million apps in the store. So you must think of an Idea that reaches your app to the user. You can use some techniques for that. such as:


Technic 1: The remix Technique

This is the technique of putting a twist on combining different elements. We usually use many apps in our daily life so think about this type of app that has demand nowadays. For example Gaming apps development that people play in their free time and date apps. If you see this type of mobile app is launching day by day. So what you can do is pick some useful features and mix them to get a new type of app.


Technique 2: Scratch your itch

We face many problems in daily life using the app. So you can get a great idea from this simple thing. You can create an app that can solve these daily life problems. People nowadays are looking for the step of a mobile app and you can make it in a better way.


Technique 3: Improve an existing app

This technique is used when I already have an app or you want to improve any app that the original author is not updating. This technique is used to make the app better for users and this feedback keeps an important role. Generate your idea from this type of mobile app and make a better app for users.


Research Market Competitive

After generating ideas the next step is to do some market research. There are many mobile apps in the store that does not mean you can't develop the same type of Android mobile app. Even if you make the same category app you can add new features and the things that the user wants from that type of app, it will bring you a step forward than your competitor as the old app will be out of date. So you need to do research first and for that, you have to look following things:


  • App name

  • Features set

  • Price

  • Publisher

  • Last updated

  • Rating and review

  • Downloads


If you watch this research on Store, it will help you to find out which feature it already has in it, what the price of your app should be, when it was published and when the last update occurred, how many people are downloading it, etc. It will help you to know the app's position in the market, what features and other factors your mobile app should have.


Make a list of Features for Your App

Now it's time to decide what features the app has. It is one of the most important factors of an android app as it depends on users' demand. So you need to decide what type of app you will be and what feature the app will need to serve its purpose. For example: If you are creating a social networking app, create an account by using Email and password. It will have a username, they can upload pictures so it should have the ability to share from the library or access the camera. So you have to add the feature that goes with this. To make it easy, you should write down the features you want to add to your app before developing your mobile app.


Create the Mobile Apps Graphic Design

Now comes the important part which is designing and developing the mobile app. Design is that the user will see and interact with. In this part, the main screen, navigation, usability, etc will be added. For designing your app, you will need some design tools. Some popular design tools for developing a mobile app for Android are: Sketch, Figma, Invision studio, Framer X. Different apps have different functionality, as an example: If you are developing a portfolio, an app has to be watched on a list of stock screens, a screen for your profile and that will display the information for a specific stock, another screen will manage the setting of them. So the type of mobile app will decide how many screens your app has. 


  • Navigation: If you come about the design of your navigation you can design it be tab bar or button. This design of the app impacts the user, so you should focus on this. Usually, it should not be too fancy but natural and attractive. 

  • Usability: It is for how easy it is to use the app or service. The design of the app should be user satisfaction. This design is used to show what to display on the screen and how to arrange elements on the screen.


Make a Plan of Marketing

There are so many mobile apps in the Play Store so you have to make sure that you get seen, and for that, you have a solid plan of marketing. Nowadays there are two ways of marketing. Marketing before launching and marketing after launching.

Things you can do before publishing your app:


  • A landing page and a pre-launch email list: A landing page is important so that people can visit and learn more about your app. Here you can add a pre-launch email list so that people can sign up and be notified when they will launch. For that, you can collect emails for pre-launch email services.

  • Include Media kit: Media Kit is a package that provides information about the app. It is for journalists who want to write about the app and who would not want it. You can add the link to it on the landing page.

  • Document your journey: This is an interesting thing to do for marketing. The only thing you have to do is make a documentary of your journey while developing the android app. It will bring a free audience as people like to see or hear stories so it will bring an audience when it will launch.


Things you can do after the launch


  • Press release for the app: To get the attention of people, a press release is the best option. You can get the attention of some online news and magazines.

  • Paid marketing: There are many ways of paid marketing. All you have to do is spend some money. Also, it is the most effective strategy.


Email the pre-launch email list: Once you are done launching your app, don't forget to email the pre-launch email list.

Build the Mobile App

All the roadmaps are done, it's time to bring to life your app. So for building your mobile app, there are many options you can pick for developing your android app. They are given below:


  • Learn to code and build your app yourself: You have the skill of building your mobile app you can build it on your own. For that, you can learn coding and other skills.

  • Hire a Freelancer: if you want to spend your time in developing or you are not a developer, you can hire local or foreign Freelancers. Nowadays many people work as freelancers who work at an hourly rate. You can hire any freelancer to develop your mobile app.

  • Hire a Development Company: there are many development companies in the country or your local area. Choose the best one among them and relax. They have the experts to do your work but it will cost you a little more than other options. 

  • Use App Builder: if you want to develop your android app without coding then this is for you. Here you can build a mobile app on a monthly fee basis.


And submit the app to the google play store.


If you are a developer and want to develop your mobile app for Android you can find many ways. But the best way is to focus on its process. When the process is perfectly done you will be best to reach its goal. There are many mobile apps in the play store but you have to pick the one that serves your goal. As you are developing a mobile app for android, it will be the native type so you must take care of android studio, Android SDK, Platform, Programming language, etc. we hope that this article helps you to know how you can start your mobile app development for android.

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