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Mobile apps development is necessary for every business. It helps us to operate any kind of business and organization automatically. Mobile apps development is the first necessary option if you are deciding to do the business or operate a company online. Everything becomes systematic with a mobile app due to technological advancement. If you are deciding to build an app for your business, you will need to find qualified mobile app developers, where they can provide the development services by exchanging their ideas and assessing the business or clients throughout the process. However, mobile app development also depends on the platform of the app development process, which are Android, iOS, and others. Globally many development companies are available with their multiple locations providing services internationally. In America & Asia, several kinds of agencies are located, including India, Latin America, and the UK, with a convenient proportion of the top app developers.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss the best app development companies from multiple geographical locations. Here, you can easily get the track road to developing apps, including a diversified portfolio for most of the top development companies with their working process. They work professionally and are able to code for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, go cross-platform, or different platforms for creating or building hybrid apps.

Types of App Developers

On the basis of mobile app development, there are four types of app developers you can find to do the development and specialization in a particular vertical or platform.


The types of developers are;

  • Enterprise Level in House Developers

  • Enterprise Outsourced Developers

  • Boutiques

  • Freelancers

However, the well-established enterprise-level in-house developers who work as a company tend to cost more, but they provide the strongest quality service to develop your mobile app conveniently. Whereas, Boutiques developers are like the small agency that works with a group of people, and the final category is the freelancers.

Enterprise Level in House Developers

The Enterprise in-house company-level developers work from the starting point, and they provide all sorts of services, from designing your app to building, testing, and publishing. Therefore, getting service from these sorts of companies requires the largest budgets by providing the best quality of work with their designers and coders..

Enterprise Outsourced Developers


The Outsourced Developers; provide services project basis as same as the employ freelancers to work on your project, and that is the main difference between in-house and outsourced developers. It is a cost-effective way to complete different sorts of development projects by hiring developers, and that allows more flexibility to work. For example, if you have a higher level of coding skills to develop, but you need to design something for your app then, you can take the services through these companies, which is generally cheaper to complete the work.

Boutique-Level Developers


Boutique-level developers are a small group or a team of two persons working together to provide the development services professionally. These types of developers take on fewer projects and deliver the best quality of work to their clients. They have experience in different levels of working and are highly specialized in developing particular types of apps or industry verticals.



Freelancers also provide development services to their clients. They work online, and you can find them in different marketplaces. You may find a person as a freelancer who is willing to do everything from design to coding with testing and publishing. But the truth is getting a freelancer who can do all sorts of development work is few and very expensive. It is not an impossible task to do mobile app development, by hiring a freelancer, but it requires a lot of work and uncertainty.

The Platforms of App Development

Using multiple platforms or one is an essential fact while developing mobile apps. The most famous and two major well-established platforms for app development are Android and iOS. The iOS apps development platform is used for several Apple mobile operating systems for iPhones, including ipadOS for iPads and the watchOS for Apple Watch. The android apps run into the android operating systems on various hardware and smartphones. Other development platforms are also used in the development sector. But these two android and iOS are the main platforms to develop many sorts of mobile apps. These two platforms are different and require different levels of development skills to complete the work successfully. You can easily develop any kind of application for your business using both platforms with the help of professional mobile app development companies or other individual developers.

List of the Top Mobile Apps Development Companies

Here, we are going to describe some of the best development companies in the world that work professionally to provide the best mobile app development services in the world. Most of the well-structured companies are established in America, Europe, and Asia. 

The professional mobile apps development companies are;


  • VironIT

  • Blue Label Solutions LLC

  • Intellectsoft LLC

  • Softeq

  • ScienceSoft

  • OpenXcell

  • GeekyAnts

  • Auxano Global Services

  • Netsells

These are top-level mobile apps development companies based in different geographical locations. They work professionally to build companies and several businesses with the follow up of different strategies and techniques. These development service provider companies are excellent and work professionally to create success stories for every business and company.


REXO IT is a web and mobile apps solution company located in South Asia. This company provides a wide variety of services in app development and other IT-related services. This web and apps solution company is professional at different sorts of apps and IT-related services, including native, cross-platform mobile applications, and software development. They have worked for many countries around the world by achieving successes and cementing their position as one of the Bangladeshi highly respected and fastest-growing mobile agencies. This company has two office locations in Bangladesh, including their 150+ professional developers. They are able to work with businesses of all sizes, where they provide all sorts of services and complete mobile apps development services. They work professionally by planning and analyzing, including the exact time frame to develop sustainable applications and long-term solutions. Developing a business with talented and professional team members provides the best solution for different sorts of custom apps development processes and other IT-related services.


By working or getting services from this company, you can get the best service with cost-effective solutions. This company also provide different sorts of development-related services and these are;

These are the services that REXO IT provides to develop any sort of business or company online. They always provide cost-effective services with their professional developers and talented team members.

2. VironIT

VironIT is a software development company based in the USA and Europe. They are professional at different sorts of apps development services, including Augmented Reality, Mobile Web, and Virtual Reality services. This company provides several kinds of online and business consultancy services to many companies and agencies; those who are looking for software development services to businesses of all sizes, SMEs, start-ups, and individuals. They have experience in completing different sorts of projects of varying complexities within different industries. Additionally, they are also professional at delivering media and entertainment services to game development, including medicine, the public sector, banking, gambling, and many more services to their clients. Regarding the experience of several years, this company has a different software and hardware environment to work professionally. This company works perfectly with the perspective of its clients, including their diverse claims in software development. By hiring them, you can get a wide range of software development services. And these are, for instance, mobile applications development, web development services, software solutions for business, full-cycle development, and the support of developed applications.

3. Blue Label Solutions LLC

Blue Label Solutions LLC is the best development company located in the USA. This company works conveniently to build applications by transforming the business strategies with design and app development for different companies and individuals. They provide the app development service efficiently for different companies, brands, and individual clients. Their working process is convenient; first of all, they listen to their client's desires and put some of their creative ideas to transform ideas into opportunities to achieve the client's goals faster. Because of their experienced engineers, they can build their clients' products efficiently to enable, scale, & sustain meaningful customer relationships by completing their projects successfully. They have professional developers and team members who work creatively to develop any industry at a cost-effective price. They also build different sorts of crucial new products with the best of their experience and always strive to do the right thing for their clients’ projects.

4. Intellectsoft LLC

Intellectsoft LLC is a software development company based in the USA. Besides, they are also well known as a digital transformation consultancy firm for providing cutting-edge engineering solutions for many companies and enterprise clients. They are professional at solving untangled complex issues and many software development solutions. They can create impactful mobile apps for your business, which fit your brand and industry using a shorter time frame according to your desire. They are also able to provide different mobile app solutions for verticals with their expert developers. However, this USA-based company works conveniently to achieve their client's success by ensuring fail-safe decisions of their employees. You can also get different sorts of services from this company, such as enterprise development services, IT consulting, UI & UX design services, and QA testing.

5. Softeq

Softeq is a full-stack development company based in the USA. They are professional at doing firmware, devices, apps, and cloud solutions conveniently. This company has experienced team members who are professional at delivering a full range of сustom mobile app development, including apps design services. They are able to build scalable apps that grow with your business needs. Additionally, they are also professional at providing support on all key stages of mobile app development with the proof of concept and app stores delivery. This company has professional software and hardware engineers, and they know how to program on the driver, firmware, and operating system level to complete their client's projects perfectly. They can also build connected devices and implement the web for several desktop and mobile apps. Regarding their experience, they can also build complex apps with several features, including end-to-end technical ecosystems and сloud solutions.

6. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a professional software development company located in the USA. They are professional at providing different software consulting and development solutions. This company works to achieve digital success to transform its client's business with powerful and adaptable digital solutions. They provide reliable and scalable software solutions using different platforms for their clients. They work creatively to use both deep industry expertise, including the latest IT advancements together, which allows them to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit their needs. By hiring them, you can simply get a wide range of software development solutions, from custom software development to cloud application development and legacy software modernization. You can get a good range of mobile apps and on-demand apps development services according to your desire from this development firm.

7. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a software and mobile app development industry located in the USA. This company is well known for delivering innovative software solutions and engaging mobile apps to different companies and individual clients. They strive to provide high-quality services to their clients by adopting newer technologies & innovations. They build a reputation in the technology industry with the satisfaction of their clients by doing software development solutions. They are also able to develop ideal apps for different businesses and agencies. This company is professional at delivering Android, iOS, Mobile, and Web development services. This company has four international geographical locations, and their team members work together to create success for their clients.

8. GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts is a USA-based design and development company. They are professional in building solutions for web and mobile apps. They drive innovation and transform their clients' ideas into reality by creating successful mobile apps. This company worked for many companies in the world to deliver tailored solutions to a wide array of different well-known industries. They also provide Web & Mobile apps Development services, including UI/UX design and business analysis. Additionally, this development company provides project management services, API Development, Delivery Support, and many more. By hiring this GeekyAnts development company, you can get the best mobile app and custom apps development solution for your business according to your desire. Here, you can also get different sorts of IT-related services and online solutions by transforming ideas into reality.

9. Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is a USA & UK-based mobile apps, web & game app development company. They provide cutting-edge engineering solutions for different global companies and agencies. This company works professionally and helps global companies to accelerate their business economy with the adoption of new technologies and untangle complex issues. They work from startups for different companies and agencies for making creative solutions to enhance the business growth of their clients. This company can provide custom iOS and Android apps development solutions to your company. They are also able to provide native and cross-platform solutions, including the best UI/UX design to their clients. By working with them, you can get excellent service to grow your business professionally.

10. Netsells

Netsells is a digital agency in the UK, and they are professional at specializing in native and cross-platform mobile application development. This company worked for many companies with the highest success rate of their services. They offer different sorts of services from design to development with the maintenance of mobile apps and web platform solutions. Most of their clients are satisfied because of the quality of their work. They provide sustainable app development with long-term solutions. They have a wide range of experience in the development sector for solving complex issues through a perfect analysis and convenient strategies. This company works creatively as per their client’s requirements. If you are deciding to do mobile apps development, this company can provide you with the best solutions to your business by developing useful applications.


Doing mobile apps development is useful for every business and company. Getting the best service in any sort of software development is important for every business. All of these companies that we describe above are the best and top-level companies around the world. Most of the companies have a wide range of experience in developing mobile apps and other IT-related solutions. The mobile app development cost is another factor to do app development. Different companies charge different prices as per their quality of work and their business brand value. We hope that you find this article well, including the accurate information of the world’s top-level mobile apps development companies information; so that you can simply decide which one is suitable for you to do apps development as per your desire.

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