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Native Android App Development

Native android app development is necessary for every business and organization. It is preferable to include an android app in the business to ensure the best performance ever. The android apps development helps to modernize a business efficiently. However, the development process of android app services comprises the design, development, and enhancement of mobile software. The developed mobile apps also run on all supported Android OS versions devices. You can target your android app regarding the native, hybrid, and cross-platform. REXO IT always guarantees to build the best android app with a sustainable and seamless mobile experience. We help so many businesses all over the world by solving several challenges that come with the openness and fragmentation of the Android OS. We will provide the best native mobile app development service with our highly skilled professionals. We have developed several convenient android apps with several rich features that are used in different business fields. Most of the developed android apps by our professional team members are used in several business fields like technology, healthcare, media, entertainment, and many more. Our professional android software engineers can help you achieve the best android app, which meets your needs as per your requirements and desire. We will work as per your enterprise needs as per the required functionalities to operate your business smoothly. 

Native Android App Development Services

Android native apps development comes with a wide range of working processes with several coding strategies. Our professional software engineers work spontaneously with strong expertise in developing native Android apps. We also use several convenient languages like C++, JavaScript, Kotlin, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, and many more. Our well-skilled software developers are enthusiasts and have experience in cross-platform development. We also can migrate other existing mobile apps, including Java-based apps, to the Android platform. It is necessary to get the best support and maintenance to ensure that native android apps are highly available, reliable, and relevant to evolving business needs. We have also provided mobile apps development and other software development services for so long, including full-range support and maintenance services as per the complexity of the apps and working features.


The Working Scope of Our Services

The working or development process of a native android app requires several strategies and analyses as per the product requirements. The native apps development involves Android-specific technologies, functionalities, and integrations. We also leverage Google Cloud technologies and implementation to Google Pay. It is also necessary to do the technological work with in-app purchases and integrate Google Assistant. While developing native android apps requires a full cycle of development services to turn your ideas into reality with a compelling stylish solution. No matter what type of business, from startup to medium and large scale businesses, we understand each specific need of the business to provide them the best android app development service ever.


However, the native android app development involves the following factors below.


  • Business Analysis and Consulting

  • Native Android App Development

  • Project Management

  • App Design

  • Deployment to the Google Store

  • Product Management

  • Quality Assurance & Testing Services

  • Software Support and Enhancement


All these things are involved in the development session of a native android app. These sections are mandatory to create the best app ever as per the business requirements.


Other Statistics of Android App Development

Android app development is essential to modernize every business comfortably. Our software engineers are highly-skilled in providing scale mobile app development as per your business requirements. 


The other statistic of android app development factors are;


  • Android Application Support

  • Android Application Maintenace


Android Application Support

The support of a developed android application includes resolution of identified issues of several complexities, including the basic usage problems to application code, database defects, and other essential factors. However, the supporting system of an application will involve several stages as per the product or app specifications.

Create & Maintenance: This stage includes detailed information for user self-service. It is necessary to include the details for the users, which will help them to operate the system accessibly. However, the guiding materials for the users include the product with technical information, manuals, FAQs, and a knowledge base with convenient search options.


Solve Basic Usages of App: Solving the basic usage of the application issues are necessary for every developed product. Several kinds of usage issues appear after the basic startup of an app, where it becomes essential to solve. You will receive several requests through registration and submission via phone calls or video calls, chat, and other channels like social networks, email, a self-service portal, and so on. It is also essential to prioritize support requests from potential users. It is also crucial to solving the basic user issues, for example, password reset, logging in/out, and many more. Escalating the unsolved issues to the next support level is an excellent activity, which also involves issue status updates as per an agreed SLA till resolution.


Specifying Apps Configuration and Infrastructure: In this stage, we will fix several apps configuration problems with its infrastructure. The developers will resolve the issues with all the software configuration incidents. It is also necessary to create an administering application environment with the user accounts, which will also include the software installations. Additionally, we will operate a log investigation for root cause analysis of the issues as per detection and solving issues.


Resolve Code Level App Issues: Resolving the code-level application issues is essential for custom applications. Here, it is crucial to solving complex issues by introducing or bringing changes to the android app development code and the database of the developing system. In the case of a platform-based system, it is also necessary to correct all the customization issues.


Android Application Maintenace

Android app development requires a good range of maintenance. We also do continuous monitoring of the developed app and optimization. It is essential to do the Agile-driven application evaluation. Introducing the new features of the developed app is necessary to do the integrations, re-architecting, and the completion of other essential factors. However, the native android app development involves several factors that do the evaluation conveniently. 


Apps Evaluation: It is necessary to evaluate your developed android application. For application evaluation, we will do introduce application enhancements. Developing custom applications, we will add new app features and software integrations. The re-architecting of the development project of an app is essential, as well as containerization. However, platform-based applications also require new application customizations.


Quality Assurance & Testing: The quality of a developed android app is necessary to ensure as per the features and programs. Checking or detecting the undisrupted functioning of the developed app becomes essential to fix all the defects as per the introduction of new app features and integrations. This stage requires manual and automated testing to ensure the entire unit, APIs, and UI. Exploratory and regression testing is also essential, including functional testing and integration testing. Ensuring the best quality with a better integration process is essential to make sure compatibility and localization testing. Additionally, security and usability testing are also crucial options regarding the quality assurance of the developed app


App Performance Management: The android app development process also requires application performance management, and that will ensure app stability and scalability. It is also necessary to select configuration tools to ensure application performance and testing. Regarding the monitoring process of the app, it will help to detect unfavorable trends evolving slowdowns, and other essential issues. It is crucial to do the performance test of the app, which will ensure the best performance of the developed app as per the load, stability, scalability, and stress testing.


Application Security Management: App security is also an essential segment to do the evaluation. We will ensure the best security system as per the safety of a business and customer data. The best use for a protection system would be 24/7 security monitoring. The app performance also helps in attracting the users as per the configuration of scheduled app vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnostics. Penetration testing is also essential to ensure the optimum performance of the app. Additionally, the detailed vulnerability reports also help in fixing discovered vulnerabilities.


Compliance Management: Compliance management is the last stage of the maintenance process of a developed app. Improving app compliance and monitoring is necessary with industry-specific regulations and standards. However, this management system will help to do automated scanning and manual analysis of the app. Additionally, the mitigation process of the detected vulnerabilities will also affect the compliance of the app.


Additional Services of Native Android App Development

The additional services are also mandatory, which is aimed to facilitate application maintenance. Further evaluation of an android app is necessary to ensure the best quality of the developed product. However, the additional services of native android app development involve several quality factors for ensuring the best implementation ever. 


However, the essential factors are added below.


  • CI/CD and DevOps Implementation

  • Cloud Resource Management


CI/CD & DevOps Implementation


The CI/CD and DevOps implementation is an essential process of app development. It comes with a combination of software development and IT solutions. The Automation implementation changes have been done regarding the new features. Here, it is essential to approach the android app development process by applying the infrastructure as a code. The maintenance process of the project requires setting up, continuous integration, and deployment of CI/CD pipelines. The developers will also need to make sure the building test automation process and if that becomes relevant to the pipelines.


Cloud Resource Management

Cloud resource management is necessary as per the consumption analysis, optimization, and maintenance. However, this section requires the examination of the cloud environment as per the identification of deficiencies. The working process also includes resource consumption, which is necessary as per the optimization. This phase also involves on-demand cloud resource management as per the app specifications and working processes.


Tailored App Support & Maintenance Services

We, “REXO IT,” can provide you with the best native app development service as per our experience in the development industry. Our professional software engineers and IT enthusiasts are highly-skilled, and we can help you assemble the best fitting service package. The development process of an app depends on the type of business criticality and specific requirements of your applications. You can choose us REXO IT has a tremendous amount of expertise in creating convenient products as per your requirements. Our developed products also provide high-performance, feature-packed experiences on the Android platform. Our Android software engineers have a wide range of knowledge of the android platform, where we can assist your business get the broadest audience reach for generating maximum ROI. 


The Technology We Use for Android App Development

We use the best technologies as per the development process of an android app. Our professional software engineers also continuously update their knowledge as per the working process on all the platform’s databases, mobile app frameworks, and tools, and it includes new working features, solutions, languages. 


The Android App Development Languages


The Frontend Languages are;



The Backend Languages are;



The Database we use;



The JavaScript Frameworks are;



Android App Development Tools we use;



Why Choose REXO IT for Native Android App Development?

As a leading Android app development company in Bangladesh REXO IT, we are pleased to offer you the best native android app development service ever. Regarding our wide range of experience in the mobile app development industry, we stand out as a company when it comes to our experience to build the best product ever. We will offer you the agile android app development with project methodology. The working process also includes assistance with getting apps in Google Play. You will also achieve the best mobile app development service from us at competitive rates for Android app development and design talent. We have 150+ software engineers, and all of them are enthusiasts to provide the best services with frontend and backend experts, business analysts, UI & UX specialists, and designers. All of our developers and IT professionals are highly skilled, where you can get native and cross-platform mobile app development solutions. Our working processes are open, transparent, and collaborative as per the client engagement. We have a proven track record, where we successfully deliver the android application. You will also get rapid and cost-effective services for android apps development. Additionally, we will also ensure rigorous quality assurance the QA testing before with Go-Live events. Ultimately, you can get the best native android app development services by working with us.

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