Top Programming Languages for Android App Development,

In this world, there are billions of smartphone users and this is the reason mobile marketing is strong now. Mobile applications are a good medium for giving information, building connections and mostly making life easy. Mobile apps are basic necessary things nowadays and their industry has become one of the most profitable industries. People are attracted to this industry and want to learn and develop mobile apps. You can build any type of app. Android app has a used fan base that makes it popular and attracts the youth to this industry. 


If you want to build an Android app you must have some basic knowledge especially, in the programming language that you are going to use for the Android app. A good starting point of a career is to know what programming language is used for an Android app? This may make your journey easy. In this article, you will find out the best programming language that is used for Android apps.


Programming Language Used for Android App

There are several programming languages for Android app development but choosing the best will help you to make your development easier. Figuring out the best language for your mobile apps development can be a good starting point for you. Some languages have a general goal whereas some provide specific functions. So here is the list of 5 languages that can be used for Android app development based on your goal.



Java is the official and most popular programming language for Android app development. Most of the apps that are available in the Play Store are developed using this language. It is supported by Google and it makes it popular. Java is the native coding language used in Android studio and developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystem. You can use language for any kind of app if it can be used to code the entire program. But Java is not that easy for beginners. It needs the experience to build complex mobile apps. But you can get help in online support as it has many online resources available if you have any coding problem or any other problem. Though it is a straightforward language developers can enjoy completely off creative mobile apps development process in the Java language.



Kotlin is another popular language of Android app development. Though it is new to the Android world it is a great option for Android app building processes and developers. It is an open-source language designed with efficiency and effectiveness. It was introduced in 2016 by JetBrain as the official language of Android 2017. This has more logical layout readability than its competitor. It is simpler than Java so beginners can understand this language and start learning. It has a goal of being an alternative to Java with more modern efficiency. Kotlin can reduce boilerplate code to avoid errors. Java is still in the first position but Kotlin is also forwarding strongly as it is easier to type shorter code and convenient software security pictures, it is gaining popularity day by day.



C# is an open-source program used for Android app development. It combines the best features of C + + and Java that are used for various tasks. It is quite similar to the Java programming language as it has some Java features. It has a higher level of members in the C family and creates a great option for Android. C# was developed in 2000 by Microsoft and gained a larger developer community. It has less memory leak than Java, ok so its coding is easy and clean because of simple syntax and it makes C# understandable by all Android developers. It offers many tools for custom app development that make it a versatile programming language and the best for android apps development.



C++ is a cross-platform language that is used to develop Apps for Android. It is the best choice for the developed Complex Android app. It is a high-level language that was introduced as an extensive version of the C programming language. The most popular language in the world is to develop anything like video games to build operating systems. It provides full control to develop over the memory. C++ can run natively on a phone but you need a native kit to write the code in C++ work on Android studio. Proper use of this language can bring great results as it is great for designing and developing complicated mobile apps.



Python is a high-level language for Android app development that offers different tools to convert Python Apps Into packages. Object-oriented languages that provide different options like dynamic binding and typing, help this language to be attractive to the user. It is an easier language than others and helps developers to understand and translate code to reduce the time of the mobile app development. It makes the app cost-effective as it reduces program maintenance. it can be used for both simple apps and complex system apps with the best functionality. If you consider it with the other programming languages it can be beneficial for Android app development.



Lua is a straightforward and open-search high-level programming language. Every language has some specialty and it is special for game developers. So if you are looking for an Android apps game then it is your best choice. It is very easy to use and it is best for developing simple games as it empowers developers and creates games like Angry Bird, warcraft. But if you want to build a Complex game app, it may not be your best choice as it is best for building gaming apps.



Basic stands for beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code. So if you are a new Android app developer and looking for a starting language then it is the best option for new developers. In BASIC there are limited features but you can still build cost-effective Android apps. It is best for non-developers who want to build apps by themselves. Though you can use some backend with the app to make it better and simpler.



Ionic is an open-source platform for both Android and iOS app development. There are many cross platforms that you can speak for android app development and it is one of the best from them. It offers native components that allow developers to add native functions. with Ionic when you develop an Android app there will be no feature missing. There are many features available that will make the app look attractive. Developers also can build mobile apps faster and integrate with libraries to add more functionality.



The number of android apps is increasing day by day. Business owners are investing in this aspect for profit. Developing an Android app is not a cup of tea as it is a difficult task to do. But it can be easy if developers have some background knowledge to start the android app development process with its programming language. Choosing the programming language that is used for Android apps makes the whole process easier. Though there are various languages you should know which one will be best for your mobile apps development as you can't pick every language. We tried to give you the best information about programming languages and explain it to help you to make the decision of which one you will choose for your Android app development.

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