Benefits of Android App Development

Businesses and organizations are increasing every day. All of the business owners are also realizing that how mobile apps help to develop a business. Mobile apps or software comfortably amplify the reach and multiply their customer base efficiently. Due to the advent of technology, everything is updating day by day and getting easier to use comfortably. Smartphones make everything easier, where you can access a variety of applications to use and get several services conveniently. Compared with other technological devices, mobile phones have an enormous fan army, especially smartphones. The increasing number of mobile apps users are the reason that has positively given a tremendous boost to the eCommerce business.

In the mobile apps industry, Android OS commands a sizable share in the market today. More than 2.5 billion Android apps are available in the Google play store, which is spread all over the world, and the number is constantly increasing. Also, android operating system smartphones users are at the highest stage. Therefore, most companies are taking this advantage by developing android apps to ensure a massive customer reach for their services. Additionally, android apps are convenient, and that comes with seamless customization, faster deployment, improved scalability, and many more. Developing mobile apps for a business or organization enhances the brand with a digital boost in the mobile world.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to describe the benefits of android app development. It will help to discover several excellent ways to stay competitive and relevant in the market.

What is Android App Development?

Android apps development means creating or building android apps using Android OS. Developing software using the android operating system is the process of android app development. Different types of languages and SDK-software development kits are required to develop android apps. Android platform is an open-source operating system with its highest community and users. All of the Android OS operating apps are excellent and come with beautiful user interfaces, the highest connectivity rates, storage, media support, and many more advanced features. That is the reason Android is well-known as the most influential service provider in today’s technology world and serves the best service to its users. Users can conveniently use android apps because of their wide range of features such as web browsing, multi-touch, multitasking, and resizable widgets. It also includes other convenient features, for instance, android beam, Google cloud messaging (GCM), and multi-language. Android also comes with different versions, and each comes with new features distinct from all the old ones.

Why Android Development?

Android apps are at an increasing rate as the top choice for startups and enterprises. Here we are going to describe some of the fundamental reasons for android app development. However, android is an effective platform to do app development comfortably. This platform comes with the best access to tools and systems for Android developers. The Android apps convert more famous because of the end devices and hardware, which are relatively less expensive than other technological devices. These types of apps have come with rare compatibility issues with every updated OS version. Also, due to the accessible tools and features, developing android apps becomes quick and more manageable. The available working model of this platform allows software engineers to build android apps quickly. The best part of android apps is flexible, which has resulted in exponential growth in the last 5-years. Also, the time metrics with the android app development cost becomes an essential feature of this platform. 

In addition, future apps are not limited to applications. Because of the technological advancement with the rise of wearable devices and Smart TVs, a new era has emerged in the software development world.

Benefits of Android App Development

Having an android app to the business comes with several benefits. Every businesses and organization need something innovative to capture the attention of more potential customers. It is essential because the ultimate goal of a business is generating revenue. Also, the evaluation of Android app development helps to establish a company successfully. The development process of the android platform offers entrepreneurs a cost-effective and scalable opportunity to build software for their businesses or organizations. As a part of the digital revolution of android, mobile apps have cover-up and influenced most app industries. Even though iOS mobile apps are famous in the market today, the android apps have some exceptional quality, which is far the best and a leading platform for businesses.

Here, we listed the beneficial sides of android apps, which will allow you to know why it is the best and leading platform for developing mobile apps.

  • High ROI with Lower Costs

  • All things Google

  • Faster Deployment

  • Target Multiple Platforms

  • Versatility and Scalability

  • Enhanced Security

  • Customization

  • Compatibility with different devices

These are the beneficial sides of android apps development. Here, we will explain the worthwhile sides of the android apps development process, which will help you ensure the essential success of your businesses and organizations.

High ROI with Lower Costs

Android apps come with high ROI, which means the investment's gains compare favorably to its cost. It is one of the significant advantages of android app development, and that is accessible with the availability of the Android SDK. For developing interactive apps, the software engineers can use the material design from these SDKs. However, using this feature, android developers need to pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. After this procedure, software engineers can leverage any computer device to build and test their products for their smartphones

Additionally, this development and testing process ensured low investment and increased user engagement. In the case of end-users, they get benefited from an interactive app. As well as the company owners and enterprises will gain a higher return on investment.

All things Google

The best part of an android app is all the things are Google-related. It is one of the most significant advantages that a user can get with an android app. The services of Google are also available with iOS, but deep interrogation is still required in it. A user can comfortably get several benefits of Google’s apps and features to the app users with a tailored Android app for business or organization. Also, whenever Google launches a new service or app, it allows the android apps to work seamlessly with ease. The android app means you are getting all the things that are available in Google. Ultimately, you will get all sorts of advantages by using android apps because the Android OS platform is operated by Google.

Faster Deployment

Android apps have come with faster deployment processes. For business purposes, android apps come with a rapid development cycle lasting a few hours. After the development process of android, it offers a competitive edge to companies with a quicker go-to-market for new ideas. Another beneficial side of android app development is the TTM, and it is essential for every business. It is crucial to come up with a business app to stay competitive in the market. The reduced TTM helps the android app development tools facilitate a quicker building process with an easy integration of desired features. Professional android app developers can comfortably build an app for your business in a shorter time, and you can get a benefit of a reduced TTM. You can also quickly modify the android apps in line with changing requirements.

Target Multiple Platforms

Android apps development allows the developers to use multiple platforms. The software engineers can use java as a programming language makes it accessible to port the app into multiple operating systems like Symbian and Ubuntu. It also allows businesses and organizations to target various platforms with Android app development. Google also made Kotlin its official language or a Java alternative for building android apps. The Kotlin programming language is preferable for various platforms and can be used to power applications that run on iOS & Android. Most of the well-known foremost technology companies like Pivotal, Atlassian,  giants, Pinterest, and Evernote are using Kotlin language for their android app solutions.

Versatility and Scalability

Android apps are versatile and come with the best scalability to use comfortably. The Android OS has scaled up on flexibility and adaptability to develop and use the app efficiently. These types of apps are convenient, which integrates with the entire Android ecosystem, and that includes smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. Additionally, the android applications are also compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. The compatible technologies are another beneficial side of the android app. Moreover, the versatility of this platform allows software engineers to build dynamic mobile applications that serve multiple purposes after being installed on the device.

Enhanced Security

Security is essential for every app.  It is preferable for every mobile app that ensures the mobile application is well protected with the best security ever. As per the development process of the android application, it is based on Linux, which guarantees the security and trouble-free operation of any mobile app on Google Market Place. The best part of the android platform, there is no history of any single platform crash or leakage of information from any application. Another outstanding thing is Google itself relies on security, which is a crucial side of android apps development.

Additionally, Android P is well-known for its several additional and in-built features. It provides the best security ever with protection against malware and viruses. The safety and reliability are indeed exceptional benefits of android app solutions.


The android platform comes with several positive features to develop mobile apps comfortably. Android offers customizable user interfaces, which is is key to the success of any mobile app solution. By using this platform, you can create an app that has easy-to-use and personalized applications. However, it is an open-source platform, which offers the best customization features to software developers. This platform also enables the creation of versatile Android apps, which are accessible to integrate into multimedia tools and data management functions with exciting business processes. Google also emphasizes the ability of users as per the application interface, and it is one of the crucial benefits of Android apps development. Ultimately, there is no way to lose product rights in the case of the android app because you are using Google’s programming language.

Compatibility with Different Devices

The android apps are compatible with several devices and provide the best performance ever. In the case of building android apps virtually, there is no limit to the versatility to develop apps. Android OS allows the developers to create a tablet, phone, desktop application, including the app in question that can comfortably work with Ubuntu, Symbian, Blackberry. It also comes with unlimited technical capabilities to build android apps. Almost all of the apps available in the market today can integrate with or into a mobile application for Android. The development process of the android app is excellent, where all software developments are compliant with the Google platform’s requirements and set up comfortably to work with Android as needed. Ultimately, the Android platform comes with the best scope for innovation, as well as it opens the doors to new business opportunities efficiently.

Closing Notes

Android platform is the best option to choose if you are looking for a user-friendly business app to use. Developing an android app will take you one step ahead to become successful in your business. We “REXO IT” are also offering the best-in-class android app development service to enable you to make the most of this platform. Our professional developers are enthusiasts and able to provide the best mobile strategy in the shortest period in a cost-effective way. We are also providing an On-demand app development service by using this same platform. It will enable you to get a futuristic app with the customer-centric business to the next level. Ultimately, the decision is your that what type of platform you want to use for building apps as it depends on the business needs and available resources. We can provide you with the best android app development service as per your desired features with a range of devices like smartphones, computers, and other devices.

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