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Nowadays people are achieving new skills. The most important skill is learning a computer and its program. Computers have interred in every aspect of our life. The programming and developer community is running faster than ever before. People are coming with new programming languages. There are around 600 programming languages out there. The demand and popularity of these languages are becoming higher and higher. Even many beginners are coming to learn these languages and want to know which one is best? To solve the question there is a list of the best programming languages.


10 Programming Languages:


1.    Python

2.    Java

3.    JavaScript

4.    C++

5.    Go

6.    R

7.    PHP

8.    Ruby

9.    SQL

10.  Dart

What is Programming Language?

Programming language is the instruction that is used to create a software program. It is a collection of data that is educated by a computer to perform specific tasks.  Every programming language has some specific features.

The main types of programming languages are:

·        Assembly.

·        Procedural. Basic. C.

·        Object-Oriented. C# Java.

·        Declarative. Prolog. SQL.

·        Functional. Lisp. Haskell.


10 programming Language:


Python is a popular programming language for easy-to-use methods. It is very helpful for the beginner as they can learn it easily. It is designed with a readable, simple, clear goal. It is the best programming language to learn first. New developers of the industry are focusing more on this language which is the reason it has a bright future. Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest are designed with python which has a large developer community.

Reasons of Demand:

     It is easy to learn

     Has a great demand on the job market

     It is used in the field of engineering, mathematics, etc.

     Used by different companies

     Its focuses on readability

     Supports various system



Java is one of the oldest languages which is still in demand. It developed in the 1990s. It is a widely used language, wherever we go it can be seen. Java language is used for android applications which have a great impact nowadays. Java is an open-source language with good maintenance.

Reasons of Demand:

     It has  a strong memory management

     Used in multitude domain

     Large organization use java to build an application

     Best for distributing computing

     Has an open-source libraries



JavaScript is usually used for developing websites, apps, and games. It is known as a web development language. It is a frontend programming language. JavaScript is very important in programming. It is easy to learn and gives web pages useful elements that can engage a user.

Reasons of Demand

     It can run on all browsers.

     javaScript is easy to use

     Works well with other programming languages

     Language of web

     Regular updates




C++ can be called technique language. It is a back-end development language. Operating system, file system, etc. are written in C++. It may be a simple but powerful programming language. System-level learners should know this language. Photoshop, Mozilla firefox uses this programming language.

Reasons of Demand:

     Popular for high performance

     Focuses on readability

     Can find in a wide range of application

     Google chrome is created with C++

     Multi-device language

     Programmers are easy to understand



Go is built by Google. It is a new program language but very promising. It is an open-source language, so it is easy to read simple language. It can solve many problems that other languages can't. As Google saw other languages can't take the hardware, human resources so it created a Google-specific language. Also, it ranks higher than others.

Reasons of Demand:

     It provides high performance

     It is a straightforward but powerful programming language

     It has smart documentation

     Optimized by google

     Can solve the problem easily

     Widely used in startups



R programming language is used for data analysis and machine learning. It is popular in the world of data science. It is also used for graphics. R  provides the ability to build aesthetic web applications. It is not only open-source but also cross-platform compatibility. Many functions of R can be modified as needed. The community of R is over 6 million. Many companies use R including Twitter, Google.

Reasons of Demand:

     R is open sources program language

     It is used for graphics

     Has vast community support that maintains an update

     It is cross-platform which runs many operating systems




PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is developed by a single developer as a side project. It is used for server-side web applications. It is a simple, fast, independent programming language that makes it easy to expand web apps. It is popular for beginners as a startup. Also, it allowed access to various databases.

Reasons of Demand:

     It is simple and  easy to start

     High ranking program language

     Good salary for development of PHP

     Many big companies use PHP

     It is open source



Ruby is used for building web applications. It was developed as an object-oriented scripted language in the 1990s. Later it was involved in a high-level, general-purpose programming language. Ruby is used in front-end and back-end web development. It is scalable and super fast. It is popular among entrepreneurs as it has a selection for it that can do whatever needs. Ruby is used for Twitter. It also has dynamic typing and automatic garbage collection and can manage memory.

Reasons of Demand:

     Ruby is open-sourced language

     High-level programming language

     Easy for startup

     Has a widely popular for doing whatever needs


SQR stands for Structured Query Language. It is a special programming language used to interact with databases. It is used to manage data and it works by analyzing and understanding data. By using SQL, you can query, update. It has a high demand among big companies like Microsoft. 500 companies build their own base high-performance database by SQL.

Reasons of Demand:

      Information can be compiled in a spreadsheet

     It is straightforward

     It can interact with the database

     It works by understanding databases.


C# is a general-purpose language which is developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most powerful languages in the dot net framework. It is a simple, object obedient and easy-to-use programming language. It can be used for backend programming, creating many applications such as web windows, building games. It is automatically scalable and updateable. Also, ideal for all types of web development.

Reasons of Demand:

     Used for the backend of several websites

     It is easy to use

     Mostly used in Microsoft


Programming language has a great role in web development. It is widely popular for development. It gives instruction to produce output.