Learning and doing Android app development seems difficult to you but it is a great possibility. You may gain new skills, develop tools to change the way of work to improve your workflow. Learning Android app development is possible. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an advanced developer, you should be up to date with the new technology on the market. You can learn these developments by understanding its basic steps and what parts are for what. You can make a route map to know how to go through. In this article, we will discuss steps that will bring you through a roadmap and help you to know and learn Android app development.

How to Start Learning Android App Development?

For a beginner, it may be difficult to learn at first but it is not that difficult if you are willing to power with some backup information. Here we will discuss all the steps that you should follow to learn android app development easily. You may not master development but you can start learning Android app development in the basic stages. They are:


Step-1: Download All Essential Android Tools

Firstly you have to be sure that your desktop is ready to support Android development. For this you will just need Android studio and Android SDK, you can also get them all together in a single download. For Android app development you will need programming language and writing code and perform various functions. Android Studio is an integrated development environment that is needed for entering your code. It allows you to access the API from Android SDK and the native mobile app function of the operating system. You can build your app into an APK and test it on a virtual device. Android studio is the best place to start but there are other options too. You just have to set up and follow the instructions. It is specially designed for Android development.


Step-2: Setting Up Android Studio

For app programming, you will need Java development as all the programming is done in it and it is the fastest step of setting up the IDE. Now look at the menu and start the project. There are only three things when you will use Android studio to create an app.


  • Android Studio which is the right code for you

  • The code will write in Java

  • Android SDK which will access through Java code for doing Android type things

These basic three things will be needed for setting up your Android studio and you are ready for a new project.


Step-3: Start New Project

Once you have Android Studio on a new device the immediate step is to start a new project. Now choose to start a new Android Studio project and for this go to File> New > New Project you will be asked to select the project template. Then Activity will show on the screen in your app then a project with no activity will be empty. If you are a beginner you should keep it as simple as possible so basic activity will help you to do this by creating a starting screen for your app. It will also help you to save time. After that enter the name you want for your app and your company domain, this is what your audience will see when the app is installed on their device if you don't have any company domain just use 'com'. Thus the package will be a compiled file or an Android package file that you can upload to Google Play Store. The last thing you need to do is decide where you want to save your file, the device you are going to develop, the language you are coding Java, or Kotlin. Remember to pick a good front page and name for your first app.



Step-4: Familiar Yourself with the File

As you are a beginner, when you enter an Android app studio you may be confused by seeing so many things like different files, various codes, folders, and so on. To avoid confusion you need to familiarize yourself with the files. Firstly the file open in mainactivity.java is the main logic file for the activity that will define how your App will behave. These folders are important for Android app development essay help Android is too due to finding everything and you can't rename these as you want. There is already some code on the main page. That is called boilerplate code. This is needed to make basic functions work but you will find yourself typing out over and over. So Kotlin is best as you will need less code in your development.


Layout file- this tells Android where the layout file is different from Java or Kotline file. It shows the way the activity looks and helps to add buttons, text, and browser windows. You can get it in my application> app> src> res > layout


In the design view, you can break different words into the screen and the code will show XML script. And when you add a new design it will be updated.

You will need Java and Kotlin files and an XML file when you need new activity. So you have to learn Java, Kotlin, or XML.


Files You Need to Know

  • Android manifest- this is an XML file that shows the important features of your app. It includes the activity you want to include, the version, etc. 

  • Drawable- It will be found in res. Here you can put things like images that you will use later for your reference.

  • Values- This folder is used to store balloons that will be used globally across the app. You can define values in individual XML files. 

  • Grade- It is the tool that will take your file into a workable APK for testing. You don't need to worry about the file here but you have to add a dependency that will let you access additional functionality from your code.


Step-5: Test Your App

After all the steps the final step of your learning android app development is to test your apps It is important to know if the app is running successfully or if there are any bugs in it that you can fix. So for this when you will look at the top there will be a green arrow to the drop-down menu. When you install android studio it will be downloaded automatically to the android system so you already have this. You only have to click the green arrow and launch your app and test it. You can also be plugging the device into your computer and using this for testing your new app. 



Nowadays there are many opportunities for Cost-effective Android App development so people are coming toward this field. The first thing that needs to be done in this industry is to learn about android app development. Learning android app development is not a cup of tea but when you have the dedication it will be easier for you and you will get your target goal. For a beginner, you should have some background knowledge to take a step toward it. You can have some basic knowledge and learn Java, Kotlin, XML for writing code. When you have basic ideas about that the only thing will be to learn the skill and apply it and for that, you can make a great strategy to pick a project and work on it. You may not master Android app development in your first project but you can start and learn to add new features, designs, and many other things and slowly you will be a master of this.

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