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Developing software or applications is crucial for every business. You can find different sorts of developers to digitise your business by creating software. Due to technological advancement, it is necessary for all businesses. Several kinds of android app development companies provide android app development, including other app development solutions. The importance of mobile apps, especially android app users is increasing every day. Most people use android operating system devices and that is the reason android applications become familiar to use.

However, most people prefer to use android applications because it is easy to use. Using mobile apps or creating different apps for a business requires the development process. Android app development is the process of creating software for android operating systems and mobile devices. You can build different sorts of customized software and deploy functional apps for different operating systems according to your desire. Developing android apps require professional developers who have the ability to understand your ideas and transform them into reality. Here, we are going to discuss some of the best software development companies that are specialists in developing android apps.

The Importance of Android Apps

Android apps are essential for every business and individual to operate their service professionally. Different sorts of techniques and issues work behind in every development process. Creating or building an app for a business means you are one step ahead of your competitors, and your organization or business can become automated with the touch of technology. An app allows you to operate a business perfectly because everything becomes automated and simple to use. With the involvement of an, it will save you valuable time by operating your business smoothly. Also, you can do secure money transactions by using an app. Additionally, the biggest advantage of using android apps is that they are user-friendly, and almost 8 out of 10 users use android mobile phones, which means if you develop an application using the android platform, it will help you to reach more customers and sales. By doing android app development, you can comfortably accelerate the business economy to get your targeted customers comfortably.

Types of Android App Development

There are different types of android app development that provide an Android App Development Company. Such as:

  • Android App Development

  • Native Android App Development

  • Social Media Android App Development

  • E-Commerce Android App Development

  • Custom Business App

  • Financial Android App

  • Enterprise Android App Development

  • Mobile Banking Android App

  • Consumer Android App Development

  • Consumer App Development

How does Android Development company Impact Business?

Everyone is looking for some profit in a business that can bring something good to them. Android app development companies nowadays have a great impact on business that proves quite profitable. The service android app development companies provide has a strong effect directly on business. Such as:

  • Be Visible to the Customer

  • Create A marketing Channel

  • Provide Value to customer

  • Bring customer Engagement

Be Visible to the Customer

An android company that provides the android app can help to be visible to the customer by its design, icons, effectivity, etc. It can attract customers and bring more engagement. The developer company makes sure of Android by focusing on the client’s need and their choice. 

Create A marketing Channel

A development company may build many features in the app that provide business information and promote the business. They also can build a notification feature that will remind customers about the business which creates a great marketing channel.

Provide Value to Customer

Android app development companies can provide value to the customer by providing security that increases the value of the app and that also increases the value to customers automatically. Android apps also make sure to collect rewards from customers that also increase downloads.

Bring Customer Engagement

In business, there must be a way of connecting with the customers that brings engagement with trust to the business. Android app development companies can develop this to the app by developing the message feature to the app. It will also help in connecting the customers with the app and reach to the business.

List of the Renowned Android App Development Company

Nowadays, different kinds of app developers, development companies are available in the market for providing android app development services.  In this comprehensive article, you will find the best android app development companies list to get the services as per your requirements. The companies are;


  • Riseup Labs

  • Augnitive


  • Appbuff

  • Nascenia


  • QuantumCloud



These are the top-rated mobile app development companies in Bangladesh that are specialized in developing android apps. For doing android or iOS app development, we need to know the importance of an app and the other activities to use. Getting an android app development service is easier for different sorts of agencies or developers. Using an app is preferable due to the technological updates, which help to grow a business conveniently.


REXO IT itself is a mobile and web solutions company. They provide different kinds of apps development and web solutions to their clients. They are promised to deliver high-quality work to satisfy their client. You can get a good range of services from this web and mobile apps solution company. They develop both android & iOS app development, including the web and other IT solutions for their consumers. REXO IT has more than 150 professional app developers in different sectors. However, if you want to develop an android application for your business, organizations, and individuals REXO IT would be the best option to choose from.

You can simply get the app development services by contacting them about what types of solutions or services you wanted to do. 

Here is the contact info; Company Name: REXO IT Web and Mobile apps solution Company and Mailing Address: [email protected].

2. Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is a well-known software development company based in Bangladesh. They provide different sorts of technological solutions to their clients with different services. Their main working focus is on the Web, Mobile, XR, and Simulator technologies. They deliver several kinds of significant and successful products to their clients, and most of them are satisfied because of the quality of their work. However, their working process is convenient, and they are able to complete different development processes with the latest technology. Their professional developers are enthusiastic, which makes them intelligent, innovative to provide sustainable web solutions in different aspects like web systems, mobile apps, and games. Also, the professional developers of this development company are able to build interactive entertainment experiences on multiple platforms.

3. Augnitive

Augnitive is a web development company in Bangladesh. They are specialists at developing mobile Applications, UX/UI Design, Data Analysis, and different sorts of services. They provide different sorts of innovative ideas and solutions to many companies or individual clients, which help them to increase their business growth with the targeted customers. This web development company can expand the numerous business opportunities for local businessmen, international companies, and individuals through their progressive work. They also ensure quality and standard services while doing development or other IT-related services to their clients. They always give the first priority to their clients, which provides more importance to the client’s work and satisfaction. To develop a business, you get different sorts of IT solution services from this company, including apps development services.


HRSOFT BD is a Bangladeshi software development company. They provide several IT solutions and app development services for many companies and individual clients. Their basics start from IT software services and web-based services.  If you want to do different security system services like designing and online portals, this company can provide you with the best solution with the quality of their work. This company has skilled IT professionals and resources for providing the best solutions conveniently. This software development company has four different offices in Bangladesh, and they provide the best quality services with help of their excellent staff and team members. They always try to satisfy their clients by delivering high-quality services with their creativity, honesty, responsibility & hard work.

5. Appbuff

Appbuff is a mobile apps development company based in the USA, UK, and Bangladesh. However, this mobile app development company works and takes responsibility for every deadline to complete the work. They work professionally to develop mobile & web apps on multiple platforms with the help of top-notch technologies and proven approaches. It is a mature technology company that loves to take challenges to complete its work to the boundaries of user-centred design by creating bespoke mobility solutions. 

They work for different kinds of companies and individual clients on iOS and Android development platforms, including other similar platforms from all corners of the world. This mobile app development company also provides different sorts of work on multiple platforms, which are, for instance, iOS, Android, Flutter, Laravel, and UI/UX design, including the app store optimizations.

6. Nascenia

Nascenia is a Bangladeshi mobile app development company. They are well-known for developing custom web and mobile development. This company has multiple talented senior engineers of PHP, .NET, Android, and iOS. This company has been working with many companies from all over the world. If you are looking for a high-quality web and mobile app development service at an affordable price, you can simply hire them. Their IT professionals are highly experienced and provide the best service ever in the development section.


The BJIT Group is a software development agency based in Bangladesh. This company has different locations all over the world, and their locations are based in Tokyo; Palo Alto, Calif.; Espoo, Finland; Downtown Core, Singapore; and Skane Lan, Sweden. However, The headquarter of this company is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This globally recognized company has 400+ employees. Their professionals have the experience to provide mobile app, web, and custom software development to all sizes of businesses.

8. QuantumCloud

QuantumCloud is a mobile applications development company located in Bangladesh. They are professional at developing native iPhone and Android mobile apps for all sorts of small and large businesses. This company is a mixture of creativity and technological prowess because they can develop apps, including designing mobile applications conveniently. Furthermore, they can easily create beautiful and functional user interfaces, which are intuitive and easy to use. They can transform their clients' ideas into reality with the help of their team of experienced developers and designers. If you want to build or develop mobile applications, this mobile app development company can work on apps that are innovative, functional, and aesthetic.


DCASTALIA LIMITED is a Bangladeshi software development company. This company has two locations around the world, and their headquarter is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are a professional software development team, who have experience in developing and delivering digital consulting to clients around the world for different clients. They have focused on different projects on custom software development, web design, and search engine optimization. They also have experience as a development partner of many Bangladesh real estate companies building and maintaining websites with a few small applications. They are very collaborative and always try to satisfy their clients as per the requirements.

10. Projanmo IT

Projanmo IT is a software development company in Bangladesh. This software development firm has a mindset on the mobile apps development service with their professionals. They have a good range of team members and IT professionals. Their team members and IT professionals are highly experienced, and they offer custom software development, mobile app development, web development, AR/VR development, and many more IT-related services. If you are looking for app development and different IT solutions, This software development company can help you by providing the best service from them.


All of these companies that we describe above can do development apps and other services for your company. Different kinds of companies come with different working strategies as well as their price ranges. You can take the android app development services to form all these companies in the list above. Also, these are the best companies in Bangladesh, If you want to do an android development service at a cost-effective price. Doing app development is the best way to digitize your business or organization. All sorts of Mobile apps, including android apps, help to accelerate a business economy to grow faster. All of these companies have their IT professionals to do their client's work perfectly. Lastly, by choosing one of the companies in the list above, you can get the best android app development service in Bangladesh.

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