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Web development is the process of creating or building a website on the internet to establish an online presence. Web development comes in several ranges of processes, from a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, including electronic businesses, websites, and social network services. However, web development requires different sorts of work markup, coding, and different sorts of tasks to build a website. Building a website means digitizing an organization or company to attract more customers online. Creating or building websites is convenient for every business because it provides a technological touch to every company and business. For building or developing a website, it is necessary to hire a professional web development company or individual web developers to complete the work efficiently. 

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss some of the best companies based in Bangladesh that are special in the web application development process. Due to technological advancement, it is simple to do web development, but experts and talented professionals can do the best solution in the web development process to build a website completely.

The Importance of Web Development

Web development is important to build an online presence by creating a website. However, web development is a process that developers and programmers work to create different sorts of applications relating to the World Wide Web or other distributed network applications. The development of websites for every business is important because it interacts with more customers and leads. Web development also helps to improve a product or service with the engagement of compelling sales and marketing strategies. Having a website means you have an online presence for your company, which helps to establish your business conveniently. For a well-designed, informative, and updated website, web development is required with the help of professional developers. A complete website will add more credibility to your business and strengthen your brand perfectly. Developing websites is essential for attracting traffic and boosting targeted sales to do the business efficiently.

List of the Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh

In this technological world, web development is essential for every business and its integral success. A well-optimized website is the fundamental presence of a business. Creating a well-oriented website sometimes seems like an impossible task if you do not have enough knowledge to create it. There are many IT firms and web development companies that specialize in web development to make it easier. Here, you can find the list of the top web development companies in Bangladesh, and that will help you to decide which one is suitable for your company’s needs. Let's see the top web development companies located in Bangladesh.


  • Subra Systems Ltd


  • Biggestech

  • SkyTech Solutions

These are the top web development companies in Bangladesh who are specialized in website development.

1. REXO IT Web and Mobile App Development Company

REXO IT is one of the best web and mobile apps development companies in Bangladesh. They provide different sorts of IT solutions and a wide variety of information technology services. Their IT professionals and web developers are highly experienced members who work creatively to provide salient service to their clients. You can get the best web development service and custom app development solution from this company because of their senior and talented IT professionals. They strive to complete their client's work professionally to get the highest success of every business. The client is their priority, and they are promised to provide the successful works of every company and individual client. They are also professional at iOS apps development, and SEO & Digital Marketing services.

REXO IT Web Development Process: REXO IT provides varieties of IT solutions to different companies and organizations. They have 150+ developers in multiple sectors, and they can provide the best service and support to build your business infrastructure comfortably. In the sector of web development, they have more than 50 web developers who are professional and enthusiastic at delivering high-quality work to their clients. Another important thing is website development. REXO IT will give you the best price by completing the work according to your desire. As an example, if you want to develop an e-commerce site, they will give you the cheapest price after analyzing the complexity of your website, and that can be 150k to 250k or more, which depends on the key features and the time frame of a website. You can easily contact them by visiting their official REXO IT website or mailing them to this address: [email protected].

REXO IT also offers different services like,



These are services that REXO IT provides to its clients, where you will receive the best service ever with quality work.

2. Subra Systems Limited

Subra Systems Ltd is a software development and other IT consulting company in Bangladesh. They provide different sorts of IT-related solutions to their clients, and these are software solutions, software development, and consulting services. They help many organizations by developing enterprise applications and improving business operations. By using the art of information and technology, they assist different systems analysis through designing, development, integration, testing, deployment, and maintenance. This company also offers a wide range of services for complete or partial phases of multiple business solutions. By hiring this company, you can get e-Commerce and web content management solutions.

Subra Systems Ltd Web Development Process: This company provides a wide range of IT-related services. They have an IT professional team that has the experience of a proven track record in designing, implementing, and supporting systems built using the latest technology. Their talented IT experts provide truly unique services, which helps them to build long-term, strategic partnerships with their clients. With the best web development service, they offer on-site, onshore, and offshore delivery for different businesses, and that helps them to provide flexible and cost-effective services that meet specific project requirements, budgets, and time constraints. This company provides the best quality service with the help of their quality management system, which enables the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction at all times.

3. WPCAMEL Web Development Company

WPCAMEL is a Bangladeshi web development company. They are well known as a WordPress development agency and provide all other services. Their company is located in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, which was founded in 2019 with a team of more than 10-members. They provide different kinds of web and IT solutions for different companies and individual clients. They have professional team members who work professionally to provide web development, web design, and e-commerce development services to clients and companies for different industries.

WPCAMEL Web Development Process: This company has different sorts of experienced IT professionals, and they are experts in web development, web design, and e-commerce development services. They work efficiently with the 100% satisfaction of their clients. They had the experience of several websites on WordPress and did so from scratch, including different e-commerce websites. Their talented IT members work professionally and complete all sorts of projects in a short time and meet all of the company's expectations.

4. Biggestech Business Development Company

Biggestech is a business development company based in Bangladesh. They have different kinds of services to provide, which meet the client’s requirements. This company was founded in 2017 to provide different sorts of IT solutions with particular biggest dreams and goals. This business company is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have an experienced IT solution team, and they provide professional work for several companies and individual clients. They provide different sorts of business solutions by developing and succeeding in multiple projects. However, their quality of work reflects in the client’s satisfaction, which makes them successful and sustains their business for a long period. With their creativity, they work professionally to complete many sorts of web development projects conveniently.

Biggestech Web Development Process: The BiggestTech business solution company works professionally to satisfy their consumers always. Their creative team works efficiently, which takes them to the best level as an IT solution company in Bangladesh. They serve different sorts of companies with IT-related support and help them with viable online marketing strategies. They provide the best web development services with their experienced IT professionals, including other web analysis and creative IT-related services. Most of their clients and companies are satisfied with the quality of their IT support and solutions.

5. HRSOFTBD Web Development Company

HRSOFTBD web development company is located in Bangladesh. It is an excellent development company, and it can deliver different sorts of IT-related services. They worked for different kinds of complex web development projects, including e-commerce website development and software solutions. They have more than 6-years of experience in the IT sector, in delivering different kinds of web development and IT-related services. 

HRSOFTBD Web Development Process: HRSOFTBD works professionally to create great user experiences for their clients. Their IT professionals are so good at web development and other IT-related services. You can also get different kinds of web development services from them at the best price according to your desire.

Final Thoughts

All of these companies that we described above are professionals in web development and other IT-related services. These companies are specialized in delivering quality services to their customers. While doing web development services, the price range is an essential fact; different companies charge different ranges of price for completing their works. Also, the complexity of key features and the working hours are related to the cost. To do the website development at a cost-effective price is important for every business.

To sum up, website development is significant for every business, which plays a big role in successful business marketing. You can build a website for your betterment to grow your company or business successfully. We hope you find this article well, and all of this web development-related information helps to build businesses to get the right service path for creating your success story.

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