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Mobile apps have become an essential part of our life. People can't think about their life without a mobile phone. In this modern era, everything is in our fingertip view mobile. People can order food, book rides, ticket view smartphones. But all these things are done by different mobile apps.


Many frameworks help to develop mobile applications. These are used to update and make apps more useful and faster. People can also build their career one can develop their own app by knowing the best mobile app framework.


In this article these 10 mobile app framework will be discussed:



1.    React Native

2.    Flutter

3.    Xamarin

4.    Ionic

5.    Adobe Phonegap

6.    Mobile Angular UI

7.    jQuery Mobile

8.    Framework

9.    Appcelerator Titanium

10.  Native script

What is Mobile App Development Framework?

A mobile application framework is a collection of tools or libraries that is used for creating the mobile application. It provides fundamental structures to support the development. Many mobile app development frameworks are cost-effective, efficient, and have many features and advantages.

Type of Web Application Frameworks:

There are different types of web app frameworks that help to develop mobile apps. These are:


1.  Native App

2.  Web App

3.  Hybrid App

10 Best Mobile App Frameworks:

React Native:


React Native framework is a demanded open-source framework of mobile app development. It was invented by Facebook. React native is built for both android and IOS apps. It allows us to build high-performance I mobile apps. Also, it is easy to use and allows the creation of different versions for various platforms. React Native is based on JavaScript and React which develop native apps. It is a cross-platform development framework that uses a single code base for both Android and IOS.


Key Feature of React Native Framework:

     Supports on both Android and IOS

     Low code

     UI Focused

     Development time

     Live reload

Benefits of React Native:

There are many benefits of React Native framework for mobile apps. These are given below:

     It supports third-party plugins

     Easy to maintain

     High-performance framework

     Has modular architecture

     It is budget-friendly

Some Famous App Built with React Native:

1.   Facebook

2.   Instagram

3.   UberEats

4.   Airbnb



Flutter is a UI toolkit that was invented by Google. It builds mobile applications for mobile and desktop. Flutter provides a customizable widget that can build native applications in a short time. It is cross-platform, which has a single code base. Flutter can develop both Android and IOS applications. It is a faster application development framework that has a flexible user interface. Flutter ensures the effective function component.


Key Feature of Flutter Framework:

     High-performance application

     Rich motion API

     Support both Android and IOS

Benefits of Flutter:

     It gives a native performance

     Has a flexible user interface

     It is a faster application development

Some Famous App Built with Flutter:

1.   Google ads

2.   Alibaba

3.   Reflect

4.   Crythograph



Xamarin is a .net-based open-source framework that was introduced by Microsoft. It builds native applications for Android, IOS, and Windows platforms. Xamarin has a good customer support and extensive document. It supports the feature of sharing codebase, which makes it more effective to develop the mobile app. Xamarin has all the needed tools for building native applications.

Key Feature of Xamarin Framework:

     It has a native user interface

     Application loader

     Android SDK manager

     Integrate backends

Benefits of Xamarin:

     Has a strong community

     It saves time

     Support by Microsoft

     API access and UI support

     Fast develop process

     Has a  shareable code

Some Famous App Built with Xamarin:


1.   Alaska airlines

2.   Microsoft news app

3.   Ups mobile app



Ionic is an open-source cross-platform framework. It is built for Android, Web platforms. It offers several default UI components. When working in ionic, it is possible to create applications and ship them to deployable locations. Ionic is an independent platform. It encourages building applications not to work on UI components. Ionic has its own command-line interface.

Key Feature of Ionic Framework:

     It has fast development speed

     Stable platform

     Has to control over building an app

Benefits of  Ionic:

     UI component

     It has an independent platform

Some Famous App Built with Ionic:

1.   Instant Pot

2.   Amtrak

3.   MarketWatch

4.   Sworkit



Adobe Phonegap:

Phonegap is a widely open-source framework that was parched by adobe. This mobile development builds cross-platform by using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  It has the capability to access hardware like a camera, GPS. PhoneGap can create one app to install native apps on different devices.

Key Feature of PhoneGap:

     Strong and robust backed

     Has great flexibility

     Ease to development

Benefits of PhoneGap:

     No hardware restriction

     Easy to work plugin

     It is open source

     No need for expert development

Some Famous App Built with PhoneGap:

1.   Wikipedia

2.   Healthtap

3.   Builder

4.   Paylution


Mobile Angular UI:

Mobile Angular UI is an open-sourced framework. It allows us to take already developed web apps to mobile. Angular Ui handles javaScript automatically based on the browser. This framework offers basic development that is missing.

Key Feature of Angular Framework:

     No jQuery dependency

     MVC architecture

     Less code

     Two-way data binding

     High-speed performance

Benefits of Angular :


     Angular material

     Functionality out of the box

Some Famous App Built with Angular UI:

1.   Guezz it

2.   Gunks

3.   ikeyBox

4.   Hotelier News


jQuery Mobile:

jQuery mobile is a touch-based mobile app development framework. It is an interface system based on HTML5. This framework allows developers to code less and build more. jQuery mobile is used for building high responsive apps for mobile and web applications. It is ready to use the JavaScript library which has various plugins. It offers a highly customized theme.

Key Feature of JQuery Framework:

     Build-in jQuery core

     Lightweight in size

     Simple API

Benefits of jQuery:

     Supports multiple devices

     Has Powerful theme

     Cross-browser compatibility

     Highly extensible

     Touch-friendly form inputs

Some Famous App Built with jQuery:

1.   Veev

2.   Untabbed



Framework 7:

Framework 7 is a full-featured open-sourced framework that allows the development of Android, IOS, Web apps. This framework allows users to use tools with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Also, it provides a wide range of elements. It makes the development system more convenient. Framework 7 has a highly supported community of developers.

Key Feature of Framework 7:

     Has easy jQuery syntax to get started

     Extend the framework to share

     Built-in-grid system layout for arranging elements

Benefits of Framework 7:

     Easier customization

     Ease to maintain

     Support faster development view browser


Some Famous App Built with Framework 7:


1.   Kidovers

2.   Blokt

3.   Wappler


Appcelerator Titanium:

Appcelerator Titanium is an open-sourced framework that allows users to create native apps for Android, IOS, and windows. It is based on a JavaScript codebase. This framework comes with various UI components that can use the expected experience for the user. It can use a custom API to be used with an application. Appcelerator Titanium can also be connected with the cloud so that anyone can access it from anywhere.    

Benefits of Appcelerator Titanium:

     API management

     Faster development

     Better code

     Rapid prototyping


Some Famous App Built with Appcelerator Titanium:

1.   Family Dollar

2.   Avis

3.   Blackbaud

4.   MIT



Native script:

Native Script is an open-source framework to create native apps using angular, JavaScript. It allows the creation of a codebase in Android and IOS. It reduces the time of load. It is effective in cos so it is very useful for developers.

Key Feature of Native Script:

     Access to Android and IOS

     Critical business support

     Interface without review

Benefits of Native Script:

     Cross-platform framework

     Strong backend support

     Native performance

     Reusability of code

Sources of Native Script:

1.   MayMyPhoto

2.   Smart Evaluation




To keep pace with the time it is important to know about the app development and the best frameworks for that. The best framework for mobile applications can help to develop the app easily and make it faster. Every framework has its own specific feature and advantages. But choosing the best one among the list of ten best frameworks helps to get the needed one. 



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