Mobile App Development Cost in Bangladesh

In this era of technology, mobile apps have reached 175 billion downloads. People nowadays depend on mobile apps which make them more valuable. Everything has a price you will get what you will pay for. 

A business uses apps for brand awareness, attracting customers, and boosting sales. When someone wants to develop a mobile app the first question that comes to mind is How much does it cost to make a mobile app? What does the price of a mobile app depend on? Calculating the cost is the most difficult job. But this article will make your job easy, it gives you a guide to know what functions a mobile app costs. It will provide you with an inside-out talk and the details of the cost of developing a mobile app.

Mobile App Cost Depends on

Mobile apps have many development processes and they impact the development price directly. such as:


  • Planning

  • Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Startup cost


This process will directly affect the final development cost of a mobile app. But decide this mobile app Technology, app development team, and other hidden cost effects directly on the final cost. All the given below:

Mobile app development Technologies

Firstly you have to decide for which device or platform you want to develop your mobile app. It can be native mobile apps, cross-platform apps, a progressive web app, or a hybrid app.


  • Native apps are developed in Swift, Java, and the Kotlin programming language. It has a Google developer license which can cost you 2000 taka early, and the Apple developer license charge will be 8000 Taka for individuals or organizations and it charges 24000 Taka.

  • Cross-platform app development of Android apps and iOS apps for both platforms. As it is combined by web and native technology which makes it more cost-effective but its cost also depends on support and maintenance. 

  • Progressive web apps have the most features the can be accessed through the browser. It is affordable to develop.

  • Hybrid apps can function. Developers built it on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and used PhoneGap to prepare it for all types of platforms. 



Design is the most important aspect of mobile app development cost. It can attract people and make them customers as it gives the first impression. So it is important to make sure the visual design looks good. The average cost of an app depends on this design. There are several aspects like:


  • A visual design can give you a great look that can get you a target audience. But a high UI design comes with a cost. 

  • UX design the feature and make sure users interact with the app. But it makes sure to spend your money

  • Icon logo cost is low but it should not be ignored. It cost BDT 2400 to 12000 for a single icon. 


A design can bring advantages to you, for that you can choose a good developer who can also design your app. For that, you can choose a good mobile app development company.


App development team

To have a good mobile app you must hire a mobile app development company that can provide you with the best development based on your requirements. It can directly affect the cost of an app. In Bangladesh mobile app development costs maybe 1500 to 2400 hourly and the project may cost 100000 to 150000. It depends on:


  • Technical co-founder- a business person must have to pay the co-founder equally.

  • Domestic App development company-  It provides a complete team to make a quality app planning to post-launch. But it is a small amount of money. 

  • Freelancers- you can make your app by local Bangladeshi freelancers. They will charge hourly or project. But it may bring risks and time. They also charge hourly 2000-3500 BDT 


Hidden Costs

With all the costs of making a mobile app, there are also some hidden costs impacting the final price of mobile app development. It depends on testing and fixing the issues. It also includes the Google Play fees, server, customer support, third-party integration, access to enterprise data, etc. Maintenance costs 15 to 20% of the development cost annually. As an example: If you spent 100000 Taka on the mobile app, its maintenance fee will be 15000 to 20,000 taka yearly. It has to pay for technical support. The extra expense also depends on protecting the app’s copyright and it is an important aspect. All these costs are directly included with the final figure of money.

Costs Depend on Features

Different types of apps have different features. And the cost of a mobile app especially depends on this feature that you need. Such as the passenger app has 7 basic features and the driver app has five basic features.


A passenger app includes


  • Register- it provides user registration or social media login option, credit card, payment option

  • Booking interface- It has the option to book a taxi and set a location for pickup.

  • Tracking- It can correct drivers location

  • Price calculation- It shows the cost of the ride from the exact location to the destination.

  • Payment- It has the option of automatically paying via serves or other options just  cash

  • Notification- It keeps users updated on order status and other details.


The basic feature of the driver app


  • Register- approval by the administrator

  • Booking- accept or deny the order, it takes the info of the customer and location.

  • Push notification- it is horror alert booking and order updates.

  • Navigation- it uses Google Maps to get the direction to a customer and location.

  • Reports, messaging, support

This type of featured on-demand mobile app development costs BDT 500000 to 700000. Uber, Patho are examples of this type of app. The budget can be increased or decreased depending on the feature you want to add or remove. But your minimum budget has to be BDT 400000 to 500000 for Android and iOs platform apps. 

Cost Depends On Type

Depending on the purpose complexity features mobile apps has INR into four major groups that have a great impact on the final figure of the mobile app development cost in Bangladesh.

  • Simple: It has 3 to 4 screens and it is table-based. It provides a collection of information and does not store any type of data. It cost the lowest of the other types. In Bangladesh, this type of app costs 80000 to 800000 taka.

  • Dynamic apps: It is a complex app that stores data on users’ devices. It may require user registration, it also can remote online service. This type of app can cost between 800000 to 4000000.

  • Enterprise apps: It has many features and has customer interface activity. This type of app is used for extensive databases, advanced UI. It can cost 1600000 to 4000000.

  • Games app: This type of app is now gaining popularity. A simple one can start from 40000 to 7000000.


Whenever people want to develop an app, they think about the feature, design, and most importantly the price the most. Some factors present the cost of an app. Mobile app development cost in Bangladesh depends on its functions, features, design, developer, monitoring, etc. Firstly you must have to select the type of app you need for your business as different types of apps have different features and functions. You must select your requirements to get the final figure of your app development cost.

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