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When it's about developing an app. The most asked question is ' how much does it cost to develop an app?' Well, the answer depends on you. In the market of competition, everyone wants the best to be a step forward than the competitors. But everyone wants a cost-effective way to get to the goal. Mobile app development cost depends on different factors like functionality proposed, types, design, and who built the app. Though it can bring the final figure of development cost, it mostly depends on your requirements. What you want from the new app, which features you will add, etc. This article will give you a clear idea about the Cost of app development in Bangladesh.


Average Costs of an App

When a business owner wants an estimated ok development cost, it includes some factors that directly influence the cost of app development. An average cost can we estimate buy an app’s functionality, proposes, integration points, supported device, visual objects, and maintenance plans. You can spend 80000 to 800000 BDT on mobile app development. For this you have to identify the type of app you want to develop and what you need this for, what will be its feature, function, etc. This will help you to get the average cost of app development in Bangladesh.


Cost Depends on Types

Three types of the here app have different costs based on their platform devices and features. They are:


  • Basic app

  • Medium complexity app

  • A complex app


Basic app- this type of app is usually built by startup business owners. It has one platform that can cost 150000 to 400000 BDT. Basic plans are recommended for this kind of mobile app and the developer works for 50 hours per month. You will get this app in 4 to 9 weeks.


Medium complexity App- it includes pictures with 6-15 screens. It can be custom UI elements and animations. Also localization language. This type of app costs 400000- 800000 taka and it will be developed in 2-3 months.


Complex app- it includes Complex features with advanced business logic and consists of more than 15 screens. It has fully free custom UI and advanced information. It has a large-scale user base. This app is all for one platform and costs 800000 takas. It will be provided in more than 3 months.


Factors that Affect the Cost of App

Simply, features and different factors affect the final figure of the price of app development. The number of features increases and some more prices will cost. Simply it depends on your needs. Some factors can directly influence the Android app development cost. Such as:


  • Features and their complexity

  • Customization of design

  • Number of platforms

  • Team setup

  • App maintenance cost

Features and Their Complexity

The number of features affects the cost that we mentioned before. You have to choose the feature you need before developing the app like pre-plan. You have to understand the type of business and its needed features like the number of screens you need, buttons, etc. Some features are simple while some have complexity and that affects the price of android app development.


Here we give some features that affect the price.


  • User engagement feature- These types of features are networking and notifications. This can be simple and more complex. It adds functions like storing passwords, password recovery, and visual design. Features like notification, social sharing, and commenting require extra cost as they demand integration with third-party libraries.

  • In-app purchase-  This is a type of feature that is used in an app to purchase things. Credit cards, Google Wallet, and PayPal are glued within apps. Every payment processing demands extra time and costs in app development in Bangladesh.

  • Location-based features- these types of features are quite expensive. This teacher used to track the locations.


Customization of Design

Design is the most effective factor in an app as it can attract a user and make them a customer. It gives the first impression of being in the app. But all types of design cannot be appropriate for the app. So business owners customize the design of their choice which directly determines the final price of an app. UX/UI designers work on this and 33% of people customize their app and spend money on this factor.


Number of Platforms

Another factor that can affect the price is the number of platforms. It depends on you whether you want the app for one platform or multiple platforms. Different platform apps are developed using different programming languages and different tools. Single platform apps will cost less when you compare them with two or more platform apps. Here the cost of app development will increase.


Team Setup

Team structure also causes the cost of app development. Usually, a development team consists of a product owner, quality assurance engineer, Android developer, iOS developer, business analyst, and UX/ UI designer. You can choose your developer team who will work on your project. This will directly affect the cost of the app in Bangladesh. Here the business analysis is an optional team member who will ensure high-quality requirements, and business needs and take care of the business value perspective. They manage the requirements of stakeholders.


App Maintenance Cost

This is an important factor that apps owners forget. This is the era of technology and the market is constantly changing so your app should be changed to be part of the competition. That's why updating and maintenance is an important aspect but it costs you some money. An app development maintenance cost is around 15% to 20% of the main price annually. It keeps your app updated in the race of a competitive market and helps you to be a step forward than your competitors.


App Development Cost Depends on the Stages

App development has some stages that hold different costs. They are:


  • Research stage- before building an app it must research the factors. And it costs up to 40000 BDT. 51% of people spend on this stage.

  • UI design stage- an important aspect of app development. People spend 15000 to 50000 in this stage.

  • The development stage- is a major part of the whole development process. About 33% of people spend 40000 to 80000 BDT in this stage.

  • Testing and deployment stage- the app is not perfect until it is tested. 32% of people spend less than 40000 BDT on this though it is an important stage.



As you can see different factors affect the cost of development of an app. This article can help you to get the idea of which features and factors will pause you how much. In a business, before developing an app a strategy should be made which is a smart choice. This strategy may help you to choose the feature you need, it will contribute in estimate the cost of app development in Bangladesh. Different Bangladeshi app development companies provide app development in different strategies. You can also get the idea of these companies, they can also lead you to give a clear idea of an app development cost.

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