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Developing apps nowadays has become familiar due to the advancement of technology. Apps are essential to run a device, and their usages are increasing day by day. The developers can easily Develop iOS apps through coding and following other metrics. However, developing a good quality app requires enough time and a high level of developing skills. If you are going to develop or build an app with the help of developers, the first question comes to how much it will cost. After a number of extensive research and experience, we learn that app projects can be quite complicated, no matter what type of app you are going to build. Similarly, mobile apps development is a multi-step process, which involves careful planning with a proper timeline and the best app developing experience.


You can simply develop an IOS app with the help of an IOS developer. Developing different sorts of apps requires different techniques and time frames based on app key features and complexity. Developing an IOS app for apple mobile or other apple devices comes with many factors that collectively influence a final cost figure. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss the cost to develop an IOS app. Here, you can also find what are the things to consider before going with a price to develop an IOS app.

What is an IOS App?

IOS apps are well-known as the Apple apps, which is a software application development for use on iPhone and other Apple devices. IOS apps are available in the Apple app store, which are designed to run on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Apple or IOS apps are only made for the IOS operating system devices, and these are the iPhone as well as Apple’s iPad and iPod Touch devices. Apple apps are simple to use, and these applications are only applicable for IOS operating systems.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an IOS App?

It is clear that the iOS or android app development cost depends on the app's key features and the complexity of the development. There are several kinds of things to consider to know the estimated cost of an IOS development. The app functionality and the purpose that actually can be capable of doing for its users. Another significant thing is the mobile platforms and devices supported that also show effects on the app development cost. Also, the size of a project is a deciding factor because the programming languages depend on the time spent together by following, the complexity of the functionality, and the business logic effects of the development cost. 

Additionally, design with animation, including the prototyping section, needs to be calculated to decide the estimated cost of development. To develop a simple IOS app with basic functionality requires more than two months to build and costs $25k to $30k. The complex IOS app development takes more than three months to develop and costs $40k to $50k. Lastly, the high complexity IOS app development needs more than four months to build, or that can be an ongoing project and costs $75k to $80k. The cost of app development may vary in terms of business to business and the professionals as well.

Factors to Consider to Know the Price of App Development

Different sorts of factors come when you try to decide the cost of app development. It is better to know that the type of vendor, organization, or location affects the cost of app development. The number of features you are going to use on your app. Also, the complexity of the app is essential to the development and influences the development cost. Also, the complexity of UI & UX design, including the back-end infrastructure and connected APIs needs to be considered before deciding the cost. 

These are;

  • Platforms

  • Features

  • UI & UX Design

  • Backend Infrastructure

  • Developers Team

App concepts also influence the development cost. These are the significant factors that help to know the cost to build your iOS or other apps deployment and maintenance.

The Platform Affect the IOS App Development Cost

The platform is the factor where you want to make your app available. If you are interested in developing an IOS app, then it is a good idea to develop an android app as well. Most of the famous platforms for development are iOS and Android, where you can choose the platform to run your application. The cost of the iOS app development with the android one does not differ so much in the budget. Both of the platforms required different programming languages, including different development tools. Furthermore, IOS app development is necessary, and a solution could be hybrid app development. Additionally, different platforms are available for iOs app development, and you can use them too.

Features Are Considerate on IOS App Development Cost

The complexity of an app's functions and features also affects the development cost. However, the features and the structure of an app determine whether the app is basic, medium, or large. For instance, if you are going to develop an app using two platforms with lots of features then, it will be the large ones. Whereas basic app development is described as a simple product with only core features. The app functionality and the complexity of the number of features are the generators of the cost of a development process. If you are trying to predict how much it will cost to develop an IOS app then, you need to know or work out how complex your app is going to be. Creating screens, buttons, fields, integrations, and logic, all these features required time to develop and affects the cost. Some basic features are considered, but the complex category of features requires more time and cost to build an app.

UI & UX Design Influence the Cost of an IOS App Development

Designing is a fact while deciding the price of app development because that is related to the complexity of app features. Detailed specifications also depend on the app design; How many screens you are going to add to your app, whether it is going to be the native design or the custom design, and so many different factors. The design is a significant part of the app development process. To design the interface of an app, you can simply choose the native design, which are ready templates and UI elements designed for iOS or Android. On the other hand, if you choose the custom design for app development requires a unique architecture of each element of the developing process. Different types of apps may require custom design, which is typically more expensive to make an app from scratch and requires additional working hours. The native design of the app development accelerates the development process with the lower cost of the custom app development process because of the ready-made templates and design. There are many things to consider to design an app using native or custom design. The design should be aligned with the development process, including the primary type of your iOS application and its purpose for use. 

The Backend Infrastructure Effects on the Development Cost

Backend is a server where the software runs, which allows the app to communicate with an external data source. While developing your app and if the features required syncing with the internet then, it usually needs the backend infrastructure development. The syncing with the internet connectivity like user accounts, tracking progress linked to an account, uploading data like images, text, and so on. There are also alternatives to develop your backend by maintaining your server. But that has limited capabilities, and that is more expensive in the developing process. Backend development is well-known as side server development, which focuses on databases, backend logic, APIs, and servers.

The Developers Team Influence the Cost on App Development

The developer's team can also influence the cost of app development. Because of the different teams in agencies and IT firms, they have different price ranges, which will influence the cost. The size of the developers' team, including the QA engineers and the project manager with planning and execution phases, can increase the cost of app development.

Another salient thing of the development process is the location, which may vary depending on the hourly rates in the chosen world region. In North America, the price range of an iOS app developer is up to $150 per hour. Whereas in Eastern Europe and the UK developers, hourly charges up to $40 to $70 on the process of development. 

The hourly price range is not only a factor to consider for developing apps for an iOS developer team. The pace and quality of work are important because the hourly rate of developers might be relatively low, but the overall cost can get higher due to their work tempo. That can also take a longer time to become more expensive.

IOS App Development Cost Depend on the Framework

However, the iOS app development cost also depends on the framework. 

The best frameworks for iOS apps development are;

  • React Native

  • Mobincube

  • Sencha Touch

  • Sencha Touch

  • Intel XDK

  • Xamarin

React Native

React Native is one of the most impressive and more advantageous app development framework platforms for IOS. It focuses on the developer to build high-performance apps. All for its smoothest animation that code quickly converted to.


Mobincube is one of the best framework tools for building IOS app development apps. It is not only used on iOS but also used in android and windows platforms. Mobincude offers a pre-build 100 percentage template that is utilized easily.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a cross-platform framework to build apps development. It is one of the best premium-quality frameworks for the IOS and Android platforms. It is known for the use of HTML5 to build app development.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK is a famous framework that is familiar to all. It is also a cross-platform application available in the app store. This Intel XDK includes a web service with a responsive and interactive mobile app.


Xamarin is one of the best IOS app development frameworks due to its single shared codebase. A C programming language that helps the best quality developer platform supports this platform.

Top iOS App Development Company

Different types of iOS app development companies are available in the world. You can get quality iOS app development services from the following companies. 

The companies are;


REXO IT is a market-leading app development company in the world. They do several types of app development, including other IT-related work. They have more than 50+ iOS, qualified developers. The developers are enthusiastic and always provide the best quality of service to their clients.

2. Algoworks

Algoworks is a mobile app design and development company, which is based in Sunnyvale, USA & Noida, India. They work professionally and deliver quality services to their clients. They have different sorts of expert developers for designing, development, deployment, and marketing.

3. Netguru:

The Netguru has professional developers for building digital products. They provide business solutions for too many organizations by delivering the best of their work. Their working process is convenient and provides long-term success for every business.

Final Thoughts

The estimated cost of the app development is a significant factor in terms of development team location and app complexity. Both of these are essential and have a great impact on an overall development cost. Developing an iOS app is a smart strategy for businesses because it has a high adaption and is the biggest contributor to an app development cost. It is quite logical that company to company or agencies to developers teams may vary the price range. For estimating the development cost, you need to think about the data storage and scalability, third-party API integration of the development process. I hope you find this article well, and by reading this, you can get practical ideas and meaningful insights regarding the iOS apps development process.

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