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E-commerce development is the process of developing an e-commerce website for business. To develop an e-commerce website with the help of professionals that increase the immense scope of online transactions and sales. Ecommerce websites are different from simple websites. Generally, a simple website is used to gather information by searching, whereas an e-commerce website allows users to purchase goods and services without going to a physical market. For attracting more customers and sales, it is essential to develop an e-commerce platform with professionals. A well-functioned e-commerce site represents the entire business to the customers online. Before creating or developing an e-commerce website, we need to know the strategies and factors that need to be considered for good business. Different people have different strategies to expand their business conveniently. To do e-commerce development, different sorts of things need to be analyzed. These are the capabilities, creativity, and specialization of the company that must be reviewed, which helps to go with the better options for the business development.

Before we do eCommerce development for several companies in the market, we need to know the importance of building an e-commerce website, including the demand and need of e-commerce development companies. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss some of the best companies that are specialized in the development of eCommerce websites.



Why is Ecommerce Development Essential for Business?

Doing eCommerce development for a business is the best option for people to create a better business world by ensuring success. A developed e-commerce website for a company simply accelerates the business economy in the future rather than doing a traditional mode of business. Because of the advanced technology, most people love to shop online, where anyone can easily shop, buy, and sell products by sitting at home at any time. Because of the online appearance, you can do online shopping any time, even at midnight. No physical appearance is required, and it helps to be available for customers 24 hours every day. These sorts of developments provide a wider platform to do business globally or locally, including simple business promotion through social media. Because of the online facility, the website becomes an easy setup and is a cost-effective way to do so, including the best strategies and promotions for every business. An e-commerce platform also allows you to provide better information about products, including the images & videos for product demonstration. These are the significant factors in developing an eCommerce website for your business to grow professionally.


List of the Best Ecommerce Development Companies in Bangladesh

Several kinds of development companies are available in Bangladesh. Here we are going to discuss some of the best e-commerce development companies that are based in Bangladesh. All of these companies are professional at developing e-commerce websites for every business. Let’s take a look at the top eCommerce development companies in Bangladesh.




  • Nano IT World

  • Media-Soft BD

  • Smart Software Ltd

  • e-Soft

  • WebTech

  • Zoom IT

  • Dcastalia

  • Creative Tech Park

  • Codeworks


These are the top eCommerce development companies in Bangladesh. Based on agencies and companies, their working processes are also different. Here, we are going to discuss in detail all these companies, which will help to know their working strategies and the eCommerce development process. 






REXO IT is a Bangladeshi top-level web and mobile app development company. They provide different sorts of services to their clients. This web development company achieves the best results by doing services for different companies and their clients. This IT company provides different sorts of solutions to develop businesses online efficiently. They are professionals at web, mobile apps, and software solutions, where you can simply hire them to build your website and several kinds of useful on-demand apps. This company has two branches, and its main office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also, they have 150+ professional developers, and they are highly experienced in different sectors for providing any sort of IT-related solutions. In the eCommerce development solution, they have completed several projects with the best of their experience. However, their services are;




These are the services they provide to different companies and agencies. You can hire them to solve any sort of IT-related problems, including eCommerce development services.



2. Nano IT World


Nano IT world is a mobile apps and software development company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the USA. They have many years of experience completing different kinds of development work around the world. However, this company has an experienced group of developers, engineers, and experts to work conveniently. They can develop a convenient online eCommerce platform with the help of their talented developers. Additionally, they can provide technical support to any business or individual to build a reliable and fast website according to the customer's desire. They can provide you with the best business solutions by understanding your business structure, including the budget and timeframe. By hiring them, you can get the eCommerce development service to improve your business.




3. Media-Soft BD


Media Soft BD is a software development solutions company based in Bangladesh. They are professional at providing different sorts of services to several companies and individual clients. They can develop different eCommerce software using interactive platforms to connect the customers nicely. However, while creating or building e-commerce websites for their clients, they use the best platform and tools. They are professional at developing eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. They can build secure and responsive online eCommerce stores, which provide non-stop performance on all devices. With the help of their professionals, they can build well-structured, interactive, and accessible e-commerce website solutions. Their working process is convenient, and that helps their clients to promote business online.




4. Smart Software Ltd


Smart Software Ltd is an eCommerce development company based in Bangladesh. They have experience in creating online shopping carts, web stores, and online stores. Besides, this company also provides SEO and other online marketing services. They provide all sorts of small, medium, and large e-commerce development solutions, and they have experience in developing several complex projects completed successfully. You can do several kinds of services by hiring this company. If you are going to build a multi-vendor eCommerce website, this company can help you with its excellent team of expert developers. Their talented developers do all the work step by step to provide the best development service at an affordable budget. For the development service of an e-commerce site, the time frame is essential to complete the project perfectly. They can do the task using the exact time according to your desire with the best of their experience.




5. e-Soft


e-Soft is a Bangladeshi website design company. They are professionals at designing, developing, website creation, and e-commerce development. They can build different kinds of websites, including online eCommerce stores, which enable both the sellers and buyers to buy or sell through web pages. They have a comprehensive set of development tools, including professional developers, to complete any sort of development project comfortably. Also, they can help their clients by giving different facilities to their clients to get easy access to their products and services. The development process and other services of this company enable their clients to enhance their business growth, including the changing business trend. By hiring the E-Soft IT firm, you can get the best eCommerce development company service according to your desire.




6. WebTech


WebTech is an eCommerce development company based in Bangladesh. This software development company is professional at solving different IT-related problems, and they provide both short-term and long-term services to their clients. Their experienced team developers and team members can design and develop an e-commerce website for different companies and individual clients. After knowing the specific requirements of their clients, the team members are confident to design a unique and functional e-commerce site perfectly. However, their working process is convenient, and provides all the services professionally. Before starting a project, they do the proper analysis, which helps them to understand the nature of their client’s businesses and their target audience. They had a wide range of experience in the development sector. They design multiple eCommerce website layouts with the help of their creative team members by fulfilling the clients’ requirements and research findings. Furthermore, they work with a combination of their expertise and the specific requirements of their clients, which makes them more comfortable developing websites successfully. You can place an order with this company to get eCommerce development solutions and other IT-related services, including the specific needs and requirements of your company.




7. Zoom IT


Zoom IT is a website development company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They have experience in eCommerce site development and other IT-related services. This company is filled with a well-experienced team that focuses on developing exceptional websites for their clients around the world. They can do any sort of developing work from small to big projects and manage their client’s websites accurately. Their working process is convenient, and that helps them to complete every project successfully. First of all, their marketing team does analysis before starting the project based on the client's business and the audience they target. Then, the creative designers do design several layouts for the website depending on the clients' needs and the results of their marketing team. At the end of the second stage, they start developing after getting the final approval from the client. After that, they do several kinds of checks and test the site to ensure quality and fix any errors they come across. In the final stage, they hand over the completed project to their client.



8. Dcastalia


Dcastalia is an eCommerce development company based in Bangladesh. They are professional at website development services and create success through engaging eCommerce platforms. This company provides the best business strategy to develop websites with the emergence of tech-driven economic development. Previously, they did the development services for many companies to establish their business online. This development company works dedicatedly to ensure the needs of their client's business and the customers at the same time. They develop different kinds of online shops, including eCommerce website solutions as per the client's desire. They provide the best effort to complete every project based on the complexity of working features. You can get the eCommerce website development service from this company as per the requirements and cost-effective budget.



9. Creative Tech Park


Creative Tech Park is a website design company based in Bangladesh. They are professional at providing web and other IT-related solutions. This IT firm works conveniently to satisfy their customers with the best of their services. This company has developed different sorts of websites for several companies and businesses. This company has a qualified team that has experience in web development and other marketing-related solutions. You can also get the eCommerce development service from this company with the help of their developers. To complete projects, they implant different kinds of strategies to finish the work conveniently. To do the eCommerce development or design websites, you can hire them to complete your work using the best time frame and a cost-effective price.



10. Codeworks


Codeworks is a Bangladeshi solution company. They provide several kinds of innovative IT consulting services and solutions to their clients and different sorts of industries. This company is well recognized for its collaborative and client-centric approach to the business experience to work professionally. They are passionate about delivering excellence to their clients, including result-oriented and meaningful solutions for every business. They have a good range of talented team members who work professionally to deliver the best services across multiple industries. They provide different sorts of services, from web development to several custom software development services. Concerning all the business-related services, here you can get the eCommerce website development service from them to establish your business online.


Final Thoughts

Ecommerce development is essential to expand the business gradually online. All of these companies that we describe above are the best companies in Bangladesh for eCommerce development. You can choose one of these companies to develop the eCommerce website for your company as per the business requirement. Doing online store development or e-commerce for a business helps to accelerate the business economy. An online platform also helps to control the business simply, no matter how big it is. If you are deciding to do the B2C (Business to Customer) business online e-commerce, would be the best option to choose from. We hope you find this article well and find quality information to get the cost-effective eCommerce development solution as per your requirement.

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