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Android app development is open search means it is not restricted to just the Android market. In business now there are many benefits of having an Android app. It can help to grow business and give the best user experience to connect with the customer. Android developers freedom to experiment and be innovative. It can be installed from third-party sources which extend the potential of this development.

Android app development cost in Bangladesh impacts a business directly as Bangladeshi companies don't want to invest huge amounts in apps. So they want the estimate of the cost of an Android app development first. In this article, you can get the concept of what you need for your app and in which sector you need to invest.


Android App Development Cost Calculator

Like every app Android app development costs factors and features. But business owners may not know which factor and feature they need for apps and on which day they need to invest. There are some primary factors that you need to consider to get a quick estimate. They are given below:

Development Time in Hourly Rate


Factors that Affect the Cost of Developing an Android App

There are different factors that you need to understand before developing an android app as it directly affects the final cost of the app. So for your convenience, we break down the main factors of an Android app development cost in Bangladesh.

They are:


  • App Size

  • Online vs Offline

  • Number of features

  • Complexity of features

  • App design and number of screens

  • API integrations


App Size

The cost of an Android app in Bangladesh depends on its size. The larger your project will be the more you need to invest in this as it will need developers, maintaining a team, etc. There are three categories of an Android apps. Small, Medium, and Enterprise.


  • Small- it has 5 key feature pages, static content, logs in, and sign-up pages. Developing this size app needed 400 hours and it cost about 35000 to 80000 BDT.

  • Medium- this size app has 7 to 10 feature pages, static content, login, and sign-up pages. It also needs 400 hours. It will cost you 80000 to 400000 Bangladeshi Taka.

  • Enterprise- enterprise size App has 12 to 18 pages with login, sign-up pages, and stick content. It costs more than 400000 Taka.


Online Vs Offline

Android apps can be online and offline. You can choose between these two based on your needs. An online Android app attracts users but needs more development time and effort with development cost. On the other hand, offline Android apps are quite cheaper and quicker to develop. So you need to choose before you develop your Android app. An online Android app has access to real-time data and updates. It has higher flexibility than offline Android apps and allows various user transactions. An offline Android app is quicker to present data as it sets. It does not depend on the internet and easily gains customer loyalty.


The Number of Features

Before estimating and cost for Android app development, you need to list down the needed features that you expect in your Android app. Adding more features to your app will cost you more time, effort, and most importantly your money. Some features are so complex that they need extra developers which will cost you more in the final figure price. You can get the best developer team, and also can get guidance from the best mobile app development companies in Bangladesh. They will help you to choose the best for your Android app after listening to new requirements which will be beneficial for you


The Complexity of Features

As we know, features can directly affect the price of Android app development. But the complexity of those features also affects the cost. This type of feature has different platforms and the cost depends on this. Such as:


  • Basic app development- single platform- photo editing app, camera, calculator, etc are single-platform apps. It can cost you 50000 Taka.

  • Basic app market platform- it will cost you 400000 to 800000.

  • Complex app development- uber, Pokemon, Go, etc are these types of apps. It will cost you more than 10 lakh taka.


App Design and Number of  Screens

App design is an important aspect of mobile app development. The number of screens in your App will directly affect the cost as it also affects the work hours of designers. Before development, you need to decide what kind of screen you need. If you need graphic elements in the UI and UX add subtle animation. It will cost you extra money. Number of screens usually depends on the app's features, but if you don't have coherence with each other, you may need to develop an app with multiple screens.


API Integrations

API integration is a media to help two or more apps to connect via the API which enables them to exchange data. When you develop an app you may need to establish different API integration reading different features.


  • Payment integration- If you want to develop an e-Commerce Android app you must add a new product and payment system that makes payments through banking, cards, wallet, and other methods. Such payment gateways are PayPal, square, stripe, etc. This API integration takes more than 50 hours to develop. So you need to pay for this. Which type of feature can cost you 150000 to 400000.

  • Third-party API integration- A third-party API is their route to get the data and resources that can be used for your Android app. Google Map, Facebook API, booking API, etc. are these types of API integration.

Cost Depends on Types of Android App

Android app development cost depends on its type. There are three types of Android apps that you can choose, they are Native, Cross-platform, Progressive web apps.


Native apps: native apps are specific apps that are designed in a specific programming language. For example, iOS apps development is done in Swift and Android native apps are developed in Java for Kotlin. Native apps are fast and reliable, it has unique features which Sar per User experience. It gives higher chances of ranking and increases scalability. Keep your App needs access to all phone services and be more responsive, you will need a native Android app. It is a scalable app that can be updated and easily add features. It leverages phones hardware to the fullest.


Cross-platform Android app: it is an app that develops for multiple platforms. There are many frameworks for this like flutter, react-native. It can be developed for both Android and iOS apps. A cross-platform app saves time and utilizes a single codebase. An Android app does not require complex animation, features that the cross-platform Android app. For testing an app in a niche app market, you can also try it.


Progressive web app: this is a kind of web application that creates a native Android app-like experience. It works for every user and browser and easily adopts different screen sizes. Progressive app updated and secure as it uses HTTP protocol per connection from displaying information. When you need to improve brand awareness and ranking you may need this. Also, in a stage of business, you want a simple Android app for users.

Cost Depends on Development Stages

To develop an Android app many processes or stages must be followed properly. Every process needs different inputs. By getting a clear idea about the processes, you can go get the idea to estimate the cost of developing an Android app in Bangladesh.


Different Stages are


  • Strategy- This is the outline that plans how the app will function. It identifies users, researches the competition, and completes the app's goal. It cost 15000 to 2000 BDT.

  • Analysis and planning- It captures the requirements, discusses the possible functional requirements, develops a route map, and considers building an MVP.

  • UI/UX Design- it gives a better idea about the layouts that the Android app needs. This focuses on User experience and considers specific design. It cost 20000 to 80000 Taka.

  • Backend Development- this includes databases and services that can support Android app functions. This cost 80000 to 160000 BDT.

  • Testing-  It is an important aspect of developing Android apps. It checks the final implementation of the developer team. It also tests the visual, workflow, interactivity of the app. The testing cost 50000 to 60000 Bangladeshi Taka.

  • Deployment and Support- after the development you need to deploy the app on the Play Store. This will need an Android app developer account maintained or supported. It will cost you 13000 to 20000 BDT.



In Bangladesh, the cost of Android app development depends on type, factors, features, stages. All these sectors can help you to get ideas and estimate the cost of Android app development. Business is such a thing where you need to step by counting the profit, So before developing an Android app in Bangladesh you have to list down your needs for the business that is greatly beneficial for you. There are Android app development companies in Bangladesh, you can also get guidelines from them. Though they have different strategies the common thing is giving the estimate based on your business need. Hope this article helps you to estimate your Android app development cost in Bangladesh and reach your goal.

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