On-Demand Service Development

Nowadays on-demand mobile apps are becoming trendy. It makes People’s lives easy as it supplies goods and services to the people immediately. You can get any service through the mobile phone anytime. For example, if you come from work and want to order something you can get it in Uber which is an on-demand service. Uber eats is a great example of food service. Whenever we are engaged in these services we are also engaged in an on-demand economy. It saves our time and effort so people are looking forward to this service and this makes it popular in the industry. People are thinking about developing on-demand mobile apps but the first question that crosses their minds is how much does on-demand service development will cost? To get the answer you must know the on-demand industry leaders, important features, and mobile apps development processes. In this article, you will get a straight breakdown of all sectors that may help you to estimate the cost of on-demand service development in Bangladesh.

Different Types of On-Demand Apps and their Cost

On-demand services are popular all over the world. The main reason for its popularity is, it makes people's lives easier through an app. There are many categories of on-demand services apps and the cost of each is different. To estimate the cost of an on-demand service apps development you have to get an idea about the categories first. 

These are the most popular among all the categories of on-demand service development. You may look forward to these types and choose the best one you want to develop for your business. They are given below:

  • Taxi-hailing- As we know Uber is a popular taxi-hailing service and after its success, many business owners want to enter the market with a taxi booking app service. Nowadays on-demand taxi booking service leaves a good footmark in the market that makes it popular for startup businesses.

  • Logistic- this type of on-demand service Robert business has an opportunity to find a transportation service provider. It includes integrated GPS that helps organizations to find out or track the location of their order supply.

  • Food delivery-  It is one of the most popular on-demand service developments in the world. Research, it is showing that food delivery service has grown at a CAGR of 27.9% that it will reach 165 million by 2023. Uber eats, Food panda is the best example of food delivery on-demand apps. 

  • Dog walking- this type of on-demand app are popular among pet lovers. Uber for dogs is this type of on-demand service. It allows you to schedule a walk for the pets, with an average price of 20 types of services from 1200 taka.

Cost Depends on Features

To estimate the cost of on-demand service development in Bangladesh, you must have to get an idea about the features used in the service development. It will help you both to know the feature cost and to know which feature you will need for your type of on-demand app development. Bangladesh is a country where people invest low on the app but with the upgraded world it is changing with the demand. So here is the list of features you may need in your on-demand service development.

  • User Registration and Profile

  • Map Integration

  • Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

  • Chat

  • Order Details and History

  • Vendor Profile and Service Pages


User Registration and Profile

This is where customers add their info like name, photo, contact. This is an important section for personalized on-demand services. It will help you to keep track of the activities. This section includes station and authentication and it is an unavoidable part of the app. This keeps an impact on the cost of on-demand services in Bangladesh. These factors can cost you 2,00,000 BDT. These costs are for:

  • Registration and login by email

  • Login and registration bare social network

  • Customer's profile

  • Access to provider profile

  • Notification

Map Integration

Location is an important aspect of on-demand service. It is important for customers and also for service providers. Nowadays mobile apps have a map screen with lots of interactivity. It shows the delivery in real-time and shows service providers' whereabouts. It may be possible that every on-demand app does not have this feature but the trendy and updated ones have. In this feature, you have to pay for an interactive map screen, the option to switch to order detail, and so on. The average cost of map functionality in an on-demand app is 500000 BDT. Here design will take 4 hours, the backend will take 16 hours.

Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway

Shopping carts are for user review and confirm an order or cancel it. This is where people add their items for the order. Users may ask for their address details or any other detail. This also allows the user to look at the other available order option. After confirming the order, users have to pay via payment gateways like PayPal, credit card debit card, or banking system. Every cart and payment gateway costs you differently which adds to the final figure of the cost of On-demand service development in Bangladesh. This cost includes an order summary, an option for editing the address, modifying details, and adding an option for Cross-selling. It will cost you 40000 BDT.



Chat is an important factor in on-demand service development and directly hits the cost of service. Here a readily available SDK for chatting will be provided that will make sure to communicate directly with the service provider. In the market, there are many chat SDK is available. You will be paid for basic chats with images. In this factor, you will not be able to group chat, with no fancy animation as a sample. For this chat factor, you will have to spend 25000 Taka.


Order Details and History

People can review their fast orders in on-demand app development services and it helps them to repeat the orders. When customers become repeat customers they bring good feedback from the user. They may also reference a provider and give a good review for them with whom they worked with. The average cost for order history and order details is on demand you will have to pay 50000 takas. This money will be spent on a list of orders, order details, rate service, and transition to a provider's profile. This will greatly help you in getting repeat customers continuously and for that, you have to make sure to provide the best service.


Vendor's Profile and Service Pages

Hare a detailed description of chosen company shows. It also tells about its services, customer reviews, and photos. People can easily get ideas about the services they take from on-demand service apps. It takes16 hours to design, 16 hours for the backend, and 32 hours for Android and iOS mobile apps. The average cost of a vendor profile and service can cost you 30000 taka and you have to pay for creating a vendor profile, different service pages differently like a cost for review page, the cost for provided service page, you can choose depending on your requirements.


In the current world, on-demand has become the most necessary service. So people are looking forward to it. If you are thinking about developing an on-demand service app then it is worth creating one for a startup business. When it comes to the cost you have to look at the factory and features with the type you need and determine which you need for your business. This will help you to list down your needs to estimate the cost of on-demand service app development in Bangladesh. If you have any dilemma in this you can also get guidelines from Bangladesh’s best on-demand app service companies.

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