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10 best framework for web development 

Nowadays top priority is to be present online for business purposes. But only the presence online can't work to impress a customer. Everyone is looking for new technologies. So it has become important to know about the latest trend and updates. Web development is now on-demand for its working process.

Best Frontend framework

     Angular JS

     React JS

     Vue JS



Best backend Framework

     Ruby on Rails






The framework plays an important role in web development. There are different frameworks available in the market and these have specific features. That is the reason choosing the best framework which is suitable for beginners becomes difficult. In this post, the best 10 frameworks are given below.


In this article the below topics will be discussed:


What is the framework?

Types of Framework

 What is Frontend?

5 Best Frontend framework

What is Backend?

5 Best backend Framework


What is the framework?

The framework is software that is designed to help in the development of the web. It is a real structure to serve. A framework is a set of functions.

The high-level function of the application is developed by frameworks which is the reason low-level function is automatically taken care of by it.

In web development, there are terms like frontend and backend framework. The frontend is what users see in the website and the backend can say the behind scene.


Types of Framework:

A developer should know the types of frameworks to know the best one that suited the needs. It makes it easy to develop apps. There are many types of frameworks. Such as:

     Web Application Framework

     DataScience Framework

     Mobile Development Framework

What is Frontend Framework?

The frontend framework is the layer of presentation. It is usually what the user sees on the website. But mainly, it is a collection of files that are added in its own code. Frontend includes a pleasant interface. It helps to organize the elements of the website as it builds a maintainable architecture. It has many advantages. It saves time, adds components, and makes sure that the code works.

Things to Look in Frontend Framework:

When it comes to the frontend framework, it is important to know what is known about key topics and what to look forward to in the frontend framework. They are:

     Skill level

     Responsive design


     CSS Processor

5 Best Frontend framework:

     Angular JS

     React JS

     Vue JS



Angular JS:

Angular was introduced by Google. It is the best framework for web development. Google maintained its updates and added new features which made it a top web development framework. It is an open-source JavaScript software that is easy to maintain. It is great for web pages as it helps to build web page applications. For e-commerce sites, it is important to have angular. Angular is a high-performance web application and many apps are built with it.


Language: JavaScript

Latest version: angular 7.1.5


     Easy to maintain

     Build a powerful web application

     Maintained by Google

     Great for handling web pages.

     high performance and large scale web application


     Limited SEO option

     Difficult to learn

Popular angular website:






React JS:

React is developed by Facebook. It is an open-source javascript library for building interfaces. Component-based architecture made it more popular. React can be used as a base in web development. It was used in two big projects like Facebook and Instagram.

Language: JavaScript

Latest version: 16.13.1 (March 2020)


     Open source facebook library

     One direction data flow

     Straightforward and quick interface to the developer

     Enhance performance

     Stable code

     SEO friendly


     Poor documentation

     Pace of development

Popular React JS Website:







Vue JS:

Vue framework was created by a Google employee named Evan You. It is popular for its key feature. It is an open-source, simple and versatile framework. Vue has straightforward architecture. It can solve the problem easily with its useful feature.


Language: JavaScript

Latest version: 3.0 (30 December 2020)


     Can solve the problem easily

     Easy to learn

     Tiny in size

     Organized documentation


     Limited resource

     Lack of experience developer


Popular Vue JSL Website







jQuery is a JavaScript library. It is simple, easy to use. It can help in manipulating, animation, and so on. It is free and open-source software. It is an SEO-friendly framework.


Language: JavaScript

Latest version: 3.5.1 ( may 4,2020)


     Clean syntax

     Open-source library

     SEO friendly

     Pages loads fastly

     Simple, easy to use


     Hides the complex part

     Huge library to import

Popular JQuery Website:





Backbone is a lightweight JavaScript library that was invented by Jeremy Ashkenaz. It is based on a model view presenter. It abstracts data into models.


Language: javaScript

Latest version: 1.4.0 (Feb, 2019)


Update automatically

Extension is available

Allows to develop web application using jQuery

Provide open-source library


     Model definition

     Lack of controller

Popular backbone Website:










What is Backend?

The backend framework is a foundation where developers can make the apps faster. It can say the behind the scene of websites.

Things to look at in the Backend framework:

When start working with the backend framework these subjects can look forward to a better result:

     Speed of development


5 Best backend Framework:

     Ruby on Rails







Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on rail is a server-side web framework that was invented by David Heinemeier Hansson. It is a free open-source framework. It is written in Ruby language under MIT license. Rails build modern applications. It is easy to use. Also, it provides what is needed to build applications using the modern view controller pattern. It is ten times faster than the Java framework.


Language: Ruby

Latest version: 5.0.0


     Promote free development

     Saves time

     Strong stander

     Improve development speed

     Has large community support


     Lack of flexibility

     Wrong dissension can cost

Popular rails website:









Django is widely used for the fast development of web applications. It is open-source web development. Django is based on the Python language. It is popular because it is scalable, quick, and versatile. It helps to build quality web applications. More than 12000 projects are built in Django. It can solve problems easily with its constant improvement. Any application can build with the help of this framework.


Language: Python

Latest version: 1.9.2


     It can be customized

     Batteries include

     Has a large community

     Has the best security


     It can handle only a single request

     Too much software


Popular Django website:






Laravel was invented by Tylor Otwell. It is an open-source PHP framework. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. It is a fully-featured framework. Laravel enhances the value of simplicity and readability. It helps in maintenance and deployment. Laravel is an important framework in building e-commerce websites.


Language: PHP

Latest version: 5.2


     Build in-access control system

     Easy automated testing

     Smooth database

     Easy to learn


     Has some difficulty with some updates

     Difficult to master

Popular Laravel website:






Flask is a lightweight framework that was created by a python developer named Armin Ronacher. It is designed to scale up to to to complex applications. Flask is a flexible, quick setup. It is established as a top development application based on python.

Language: python

Latest version: 111


     It can maintain application easily

     Flexible and easy

     It is expressive

     Easy to set up



     Many library support

Popular Flask Website:





Express is a flexible framework that provides developers various features. Many features are available in the framework as plugins. An important thing is in this is a mean software bundle.

Language: JavaScript

Latest version: 111


     Easy to customize and configure

     Allows to define error

     Easy to integrate with various template

     Easy to serve files


     Weak security

     An error message is unhelpful

Popular Express website:






In this modern era of web development, it is so important to look forward to the best framework. It will make the work easier for the developer. Though every framework has its own specification, strength, advantage. Beginner or Developer has to choose the best one which will suit their work.









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