Mobile App Development Cost in Bangladesh is an online supplement store where you can find all kinds of health products. However, Cure is one of the fastest-growing nutrition and supplement online stores in Bangladesh. There is a list of dietary supplements, including a wide range of products for fitness, wellness, vitamins, and so on. Most of the supplements are related to bodybuilding and those who are health conscious. Cure sells a wide range of health-related products, which are essential for human health. They are also selling their product online locally. But nowadays, people are more likely to buy products online rather than offline shopping. We help them by creating a user-friendly e-commerce website with convenient mobile apps for betterment to expand their business online fastly. Users can easily get their products online due to their online presence. We develop the website with the perfection of a user-friendly interface, which helps the customers to get their desired products comfortably. We provide them the best business solution with the creation of their online presence smoothly, including apps to use.


The Cure brand executes its business locally. We established their e-commerce business by creating their website with the best interface. Previously, they did business locally without any online presence. But now they have their website, which helps them to get more targeted consumers smoothly. Especially, they operate their business locally, but now they can easily do their business all over Bangladesh with their website.  The website catalog includes different supplements and various nutrition products. It helps the customers to get their products easily from Cure online store. Each of the products is authentic, and you can simply see the product details and all necessary information regarding the product just a click away.

By purchasing from the website, users can simply track their order, including my wishlist facilities. The payment methods are also secure, where the consumers can safely purchase and make their payment smoothly. All the payment methods are available, which are well-known in Bangladesh, including the master card and international payment procedure. Additionally, the website also allows the users to see all the products easily and add, remove, or move items to their wishlist.


The Cure e-commerce website has increased the overall customer experience. It also provides better visibility, which helps in increasing engagement with the users. By visiting or doing online supplement shopping from this website, the users can have the best experience ever, including better customer satisfaction. This website enables better opportunities and provides the best experience, including the mobility in the services they offer. The website and apps can generate a boost In brand loyalty, which helps in the promotion of brands. By using this website and app, the online store itself goes to the customers to get their desired items. That also helps the customers to choose their products comfortably and by saving their time as well.

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  • Start Date 2021-07-14
  • End Date 2021-08-30
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