The Banquet Chinese restaurant is a restaurant where you can find several kinds of foods, especially Chinese cuisine. However, this restaurant was founded two years ago, and they are quite satisfied with their business. This restaurant is located in a local area of Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Their business expands gradually due to the healthy foods and the quality of service. They always try to stay loyal to their customers by providing the best satisfaction ever. Additionally, their dishes are hygienic and prepared with the best maintenance of food safety measures. Whenever a business gets famous or expands, no matter what type of organization it is, the range of customers gets higher day by day. The Banquet Restaurant also has a good range of popularity with their loyal customers. The growth of the business will accelerate via an improved understanding and implementation of wellbeing, including the consumer's desire and public health-focused academics.

It is important to know that the needs and wants of customers are changing because of their demand and as well as the way they buy food. The Banquet restaurant always tries its best to reach the customer's desire by providing healthy and high-quality food. Another thing is this restaurant also transparently sources their product based on locality and seasonality, which made them trustworthy to the consumers. 

Digitalization of a business places a smooth touch on an organization with better visibility. We help the Banquet Chinese restaurant by making their business online.



To enhance business growth, you need to digitize your business online and up-to-date everything as well. We provide web & software development solutions to the Banquet Chinese restaurant as we have had the best developers working on this platform for a long time. Because of the online appearance of the Banquet restaurant website, they easily get more customers and purchases online. The software development method increases the POS, sales, purchase, accounts, inventory, and requisition management of their business. Moreover, the software development system is more cost-effective and efficient than the traditional manual method. Now, they can simply access their data and maintain their business flow conveniently. The consumers will find the application of this platform easy to use, including their best satisfaction. Also, they can get any kind of information like orders, information, and other data with a few clicks.



With this commendable solution, Now their system has automated access with all required functions. Therefore, the admin can store all sorts of the required information to the website and software for the users to operate conveniently. Because of the automated system, the consumers can find the information to place orders as per their desire. Similarly, the delivery information will be received by the delivery hero with the delivery location to complete the entire process.  Due to the software base automated system, the consumers can get home delivery services with the secure transaction method. In addition, the admin can track effortlessly every sale to every product after-sales through POS. They can also manage their organization through secure transactions through accounting modules, including the purchase flow maintenance. Through the automated software, the connection between businesses and consumers will become convenient to get sustainable and healthy food.  It will help customers make a quick delivery at their exact location. The consumers can also have two payment method options, one is the cash on delivery and the second one is the online payment method. The total system will help consumers, including benefitting their local community and environment. The entire automated process will help them to accelerate their business conveniently and make their work faster with reduced paperwork efficiently and effectively. 

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