The service page shows the services of the website. It shows the service of the website. We can say the service page reflects the website. People can get their expected services in this.


In this article below topics will be discussed:

  • What is a Service page?

  • Why is a Service Page important

  • How many types of Service We will Write

  • Keep in Mind When Write Service Article

  • Most Important Thing for Service Page

  • How to Write a Service Description Page?

  • Understand your target customers

  • Use bullet points and subheadings

  • Connect with customer pain points

  • What should a Service Page include:

  • Short and Descriptive Headline

  • Keyword Focus

  • Short paragraph

  • Clean and Simple

  • Call to action

  • Structure of Service Page

  • Tested copywriting technique

What is a Service Page?

A service page is a page of a website that shows the services of a well-built website that is given. It not only sells services but also shows the visitor why their service is best from others, also how it will solve their problems. It explains to the visitors through a description of what offer it is providing. It shows the value and benefits of the product which helps to get more customers.


Why is a Service Page Important?

The service page is essential for developing website. It shows what services are providing the website in a brief description. Also why these services are better, what makes them specific. Visitors can know what services are available and if it is their expectation or not on the service page. The service page convinces the customer how this service is best for others and how it will help them. It enhances the customer experiences also. For instance, We "REXO IT" provide mobile apps Development and software development services, and we highlight these service-related things on our website. By using effective information for the service and description about the product it will become a valuable and effective resource for the target customer. It will make them feel comfortable to take the service.


How Many Service Articles We will Write?

There are different types of Service articles that a writer writes. These are:

  • Website Service Article

  • Facebook Page Service Article

  • Google My Business Service Article

Website Service Article

Website service articles are what is used for web design and development service. It is usually the most

Keep In Mind Before Writing Service Article

  • Who is this product for?

  • What are the product’s basic details?

  • Where would someone use this product?

  • When should someone use the product?

  • Why is this product useful or better than its competitors?

  • How does the product work?

Who is this Product for?

First of all, writers have to identify the target audience. For whom the product is. Customers' age, class, level, etc. it will make sure to convince that target customer.

What are the Product’s Basic Details?

Every detail about the product should be known by the customers. It will get them more engaged with the product. Product material, features, etc are the basic details of a product that are most important for a customer. 

Where Would Someone Use this Product?

With details, the process of using the product is also important. It helps buyers to know how and where they would use the product.

When Should Someone Use the Product?

Customers need to know when the product is more useful. Like the season, winter clothes are useful for warmth in winter.

Why is this Product Useful or Better than its Competitors?

Buyers must know what quality the product has that will make it better than other products. The benefits and features will help in it. It will help the customers to know the best feature that will solve their problem.

How Does the Product Work?

The working process of a product is also important for some products such as electric products or other services. It will be easy to use for customers if they know how it will work.

Most Important Thing for Service Page

  • Get their attention

  • Tell them what it is

  • Back up your claims

  • Explain how your solution works

  • Give them a Final nudge

Get their Attention

First, we have to get the attention of targeted customers. We have to tell them what problem our solution solves or what benefit they’ll get from using it. It will attract them to the product to get the solution or by the benefits of the product.

Tell them What it is

After attracting them we can explain to them about the solution of the service they will get. It will make them more interested in the product. Then they want to know more about the service.

Back-Up Your Claims

When they will get interested in the service it's time to get them convinced to get the service. It will make them think again about taking the service.

Explain How Your Solution Works

Customers want service to solve the problem so we may give them some proof about the service to trust the service and feel confident about the service. We can explain the whole service view differently by showing how it works.

Give them a Final Nudge

And finally to convince them totally with others' reviews or other proof to gain their trust. When they feel the service is trusty and will solve their problem they will get it. 

How to Write a Service Description Page?

  • Understand your target customers

  • Use bullet points and subheadings

  • Connect with customer pain points

Understand Your Target Customers

Customers are the priority of all. So firstly we have to understand the customers, their needs, and expectations. It will be easy to provide service when someone can give the expected things to them. Before writing it has to be kept in mind that the description should be eye catchy and attractive. The description should create the internet for visitors.


Use Bullet Points and Subheadings

A website that shows what kind of services are providing should be scannable. It can be in bullet points so that customers can easily scan the whole thing. Also, subheadings help to know what service it is about and what they are going to get. It helps them to get a clear idea about the services.

Connect With Customer Pain Points

Before writing content for a service page, it must be known what the problems of the customers are and how to solve them. When a customer wants a service that means they want to solve their problems and they want the best services. So it has to be on the services page that convinces the customer that it's the best way of solving their problem.


What should a Service Page Include?

A service page must include these parts, which will increase the quality of content writing and make it more valuable.


These are given below:


  • Short and Descriptive Headline

  • Keyword Focus

  • Short paragraph

  • Clean and Simple

  • Call to action

Short and Descriptive Headline

Headlines should be short and clear. It will make the whole service clear. It should be descriptive so that it will make the service clear to the customers. The keywords of the service should be in the headline.

Keyword Focus

The keyword should be the focus on the service. It is the main for optimization and customers will find that easily on Google.

Short Paragraph

A brief description of the service with enough information should be on the service page. It will help customers to understand the service easily. A certain word limit is set for description. It will be brief but full of important information.

Clean and Simple

The service page should be clean and simple. It will be easy to understand for visitors what services it is providing.

Call to Action

Call to action shows the final call when customers are convinced to take the service. It shows them how they can get the service.

As an example- Click Here to Take Ecommerce Website Development Service.


Structure of Service Page

Every website has different pages. The service page is that which holds what kind of service it provides. It has a certain structure that shows how the service page will be.


That is given below:

Unique Value Proposition

  • What is it?

  • Service title

  • Summary of a service

  • Who is it for?

It shows what type of service it is and whom it is for. A strong service title will be there to show which service it is. Then there is a short description of the service focusing on the target audience.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Reader’s Expectation

  • Importance

  • Tell what’s in for them

  • Benefits

  • Why it is best

This part tells the benefits of the service. The importance of it and why the customers will take it. Service’s specialty attracts customers. It focuses on benefits, not the features, also why it is best from other services. This part convenes the customer.

Earning Trust

  • A short description of your process

  • Answer questions

  • Experts advice

  • Proof

In a service page or service content, it is very important to gain the trust of the customers. All the processes of service can be described in this part. What question can have in the mind of visitors that can be answered in this?



Different relevant advice from experts can be added so that customers get to know more about the service. Also, when someone visits the website they want to see if the website and the service are trustworthy. In that case, proof from another client can be added that will build the trust of customers.

Tested Copywriting Technique


AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Call to Action

Call to action is the final part when customers seem to convince the direct customers what to do next. As an example-click here to get the service. It is an important part of selling the service.



The service page contains the service of the website. It shows the customers what service they will get from the website and whether it will satisfy them or not. The service page or service content is not only for selling the service but also shows the quality of the website. It is called the mirror of a website.


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